Hampton Essay

In this essay will cover the importance of being at formation on time, and about the details of corrective training. I will also address the areas in which need improvement, and what needs to be fixed. On Friday June 14th after the post run my squad leader and I were on the basketball courts. I heard SST Oakley tell SST Brewster that he will perform corrective training on me, and my eyes lit up. SST Brewster told me to get down and start pushing.

So while I was pushing, SST Brewster was teaching me the correct way of doing things, including the formation missed. While I was doing push ups, realized that the way went a about things was it the right way. My thought was I have to change the way I do things in the army with the right attitude and confidence. The drive forward to success eliminating anyone who discos rages me from achieving my goals. In this paragraph I will explain the important positives that I have learned about being on time for formation. There are many positives but lets start with one of them.

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If you are on time for formation then that shows that you care about your job to the NCO’. Another thing about formation is that sometimes leaders give out very important information that you need to be tracking, and have it written down on a piece of paper. Also if your just a Joe and you are in formation but your Junior NCO isn’t there, you can just write down all the information the higher ranking person gave you, and let your NCO know about what’s going on, making yourself look good in front of all the other NCO’. There are all kinds of formations in the army, and they all re different for different reasons.

One could be for a close out, and another could be just to get accountability of everyone, or someone is getting promoted. That’s another thing if your buddy is being promoted or awarded for being a good help and there’s a formation, you definitely should be there and show support. Being on time to your formations shows your leaders thou really care about your job and are focused and serious, which could possibly help you out in getting promoted in the near future. Being on time to formations also shows respect and honor towards the higher ranking, cause they appreciate your respect towards them.

Also being on time to formations becomes a good habit, because it doesn’t just apply for that, but also other jobs you may have in the future, aka civilian jobs. You also want to make it to the civilian world after the military, but if your all bucked up and can’t get to work on time then they are going to look at you and think, ‘this is what the army teaches you, being late to work”. Now that makes us look bad, that’s why there are punishments you can receive in the military so it doesn’t escalate to a bigger problem.

I have learned to take a thing like this into consideration to think about what did I really learn from this experience, and did I understand clearly what I’ve done wrong. Lastly I will talk about the negatives that could of happened to me. When was late to the formation that was across my bat run. I could of also have been counseled, and if you get three of those then you will receive an Article 5. Another negative thing that could of happened is receiving forty days of extra duty. Military can also take away you pay for two months and you still have to work during that time.

If I did get and Article 15, and I had bills to pay, now can’t pay my bills because decided to do the wrong thing. Then I would go into credit card debt and would also miss out the deadline of my phone bill and to add to that I would miss my car payments. So missed out on the payments what’s another thing happened? Yes my interest rate will have gone up for my bills so now I’m paying extra. What if was married and had a child and my wife was a stay home mom with a 2 month old baby who doesn’t bring any income to the table, now we have financial robbers at home and have no money for food, water, diapers.

My wife would go crazy on me, and now we got marriage issues. If didn’t have good leadership then I wouldn’t have learned as much as I did. What if I kept on showing up late to formations, then I would of make my leadership look bad. If was late to another formation that may have been very important I could of missed important information that was put out. Then I’d be all-decked up and make my squad leader look like a bad leader for not teaching me the importance of making it on time to formation and it passes on.

Then my squad leader would be heated and his attitude could affect our platoon. All in all I have learned a lot from my recent experience, the talk I had with SST Brewster, looking at the situation from the leaders point of view, taking a lot of things into consideration, so I’m not just thinking about me, its a group effort to pick each other up and square things away for each other. It is a army standard that we as soldiers listen to the higher ups and take directive orders from them and carry them out to and perform what is said.

This includes everything we do, just like when my squad leader ordered me to be at squadron at 5:15, and wasn’t. But I learned the importance of making it on time to formations. It helped me to think about other things that involves getting somewhere on time. Also while writing this essay, it surprisingly made me really think about what kind of person do want to be. And what could I do to change my ways to bring more to the table. Doing something like this is always a good experience because it makes you think deeply about what you’re struggling with and what you can do to chance that.