Hamlet but with secret information. An example

Hamlet and Horatio relationship is very family like. Horatio is the only person in the play that Hamlet can trust. Not only with his life, but with secret information. An example would be seeing the ghost of his dad and told Horatio not to tell anyone. Horatio never told anyone about it like Hamlet asked. Horatio is the only person that knows Hamlet’s madness is an act. Horatio understands Hamlet more than anyone in the play. In Hamlet’s time of madness, Horatio was always there for him.            Horatio is someone like a conscience for Hamlet. Whenever Hamlet is about to do something dumb, Horatio is there. Most of Hamlets family is dead, but Horatio is the closest to Hamlet’s family. Hamlet needs Horatio, but I don’t think Horatio needs Hamlet. Horatio gives Hamlet emotional support, rationality, and unwavering loyalty.           Horatio may have been in love with Hamlet, Shakespeare was rumored to be gay during his time. I think that Hamlet may have been gay or had a secret love for Horatio, not love like a friend but love like a boyfriend. There is a deep trust, kinship and love between the two.           Horatio did not want Hamlet to interfere with the ghost as it may make Hamlet go mad, which it did. Horatio is a loyal and protective person to Hamlet. Horatio can always give advice to Hamlet. Without Horatio, Hamlet would probably be dead, as he would have no one to talk to and be comfortable doing it. Before Hamlet’s duel with Laertes, Horatio says ” I will forestall their repair hither and say you are not fit”. Horatio did not want Hamlet to participate and if Hamlet would have listened, he would still be alive.         Nowhere in the story does Horatio express his feelings, Shakespeare never let him. Horatio is displayed as a person who is just tolerant to everything. Seems like he has no feeling on anything. The only time Horatio displays his feelings is when he tells Hamlet he shouldn’t do the duel with Laertes and when he sees the ghost. Shakespeare should of put more parts in the play about Horatio. We really don’t know Horatio person to a deep point but his, and Hamlet’s relationship is very dynamic