Garg of mapping of property data not

Garg (2015) in talks about the
use of Integration of IT and GIS has capability to modernize the

current process of Government. Since
there is rapid growth of urbanization in last few years in Dehradun, Uttrakhand, so a
necessity has been raised for mapping of property and its survey for property
tax. A municipal GIS system is very important having information of Boundaries
such as municipal body, ward etc., Property data such as building footprint,
parcel, ownership data, Service Center such as Education, Public center, public
Utilities etc., Infrastructure such as Road Network, Industries etc., Utility
line such as sewerage, Drainage etc. and other. They
have multiple paper map of boundaries ,revenue
and manual dataase. Due to lack of digital format of database, it is hard
to identify new properties under the boundary. The
current database storage format does not support
to help in any property dispute or allocation of property number. The solution
has been identified to create a GIS based
database on the scale of 1:20,000 using google image b mapping of property with its location and number. And followed by
property survey on a pre designed qutionnaire
based on all the factor important for the property valuation. As a pilot
project, Hathibarkala (Ward no. 4) having area
of 183 hector land has been selected. AS a result, it’s been identified that as per the record of municipal body, it had
865 properties but in survey 1350 properties
has been identified. The database has been classified in multiple classes of
property type such as Residential, commercial,
Public and Semi Public, Religious, Slum, and others such as park, School etc. The revenue also been increased to more than
100 % using this database. The exercise
cannot be followed to other cities due to financial
implications. Though results declared
the requirement of mapping of property data not just current time but also at a
regular time interval. The government should plan other method also for the
regular updation of property database.

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