From control the society, in other words,

From the letter sent by Thomas
Jefferson calling for the need to “building a wall of separation between Church
and State” in 1802, the U.S government has removed entirely the influence of
religion in every form it could be. From removing prayers in schools to ban the
presence of the Ten Commandments in public. And of course, the border between
these two terms are often quite blurry which somehow allow religion to still
play an important role in not only the American politics but every nations’

Politics and religion are two
separated terms but somehow, these two things still create a great bond with
each other and in fact, religion still control the amount of seats in the
Congress for major religion supporters such as Catholic candidates. So this
essay main purpose is to emphasize the relationship between politics and
religion and how they control the society, in other words, how politics and
religion influence the way people thinking and voting in the world. Furthermore,
the main purpose of this essay is to illustrate to the reader about the tied up
relationship between religion and politics and it is impossible to literally
separate these things from each other.

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The most significant influence of
religion on politics could be the voting system and more specifically, in the
US. The first question that should be answered is why America? Are there any
difference in the US voting system in comparison with the European voting
system? According to Phil Zuckerman in his book: “Society without God-What the
Least Religious Nation Can Tell Us about Contentment”, he stated that
the US is much more religious in some extent despite the fact that the US looks
wealthier than Europe. The reason for this is ranged from health problem and
life expectancy, higher crime rate as well as the lack of involvement in the
community. All of these elements end up with inequality and with a huge
discrimination of the rich and the poor, it is clearly seen that Americans feel
less secure than Europeans and as Nigel Barber- Biopsychologist- said: “This existential insecurity provides a
fertile ground for religion”.

It is said that religion influences
American politics in a way that no developed countries could be compared to
(Nigel Barber). Despite the clear separation of the church and state according
to the First Amendment by Thomas Jefferson in 1802, there are many political
act that would be useless without the involvement of religion and this is
clearly seen in the voting systems and many speech by politicians.

The U.S voting system highly
suggested as a classical example of how religion could affect one government’s
voting system entirely. Throughout various presidential election in America, it
is strongly suggested that religion has influenced the voting decisions of
American citizens. An example that highlight this statement is the Presidential
elections in 2004. While in the early stage of the political season, Bush with
his political view still intact, storm in his campaign, giving his strong
support towards white evangelical Protestants, gun owners and social
conservatives who strongly support death penalty and oppose gay marriage. Also
in that year, 69% of White evangelical strongly support the President and
looking forward to see Bush’s reelection while only 21% of them support a

However, it is also said that the
voting system in the US is not totally affected by religion. According to Pew Research Centre, 58% of American
said that their religious belief rarely affect their political views. Whereas,
38% said their decisions is made by relying on their religious beliefs

But these statistics only reflect
the voting system of America in the most general way. How about the influence
of religion on individual preference in presidential primaries? It is said
early in this essay that 58% American said their religion rarely affect their
political view but does this statistic works with people are Jews or Catholics?

According to Pew Research Center, many American adults do concern about their
President faith with    40% of them said
that there is “too little” religious discourse conducted by their political
superior. And in the Presidential Election in 2016, Trump is considered as a
wild card among all the candidates because 37% of adults view Trump as a person
who is not religious at all. Despite the fact that Trump is considered
non-religious, he still favored by the Republicans voters with 56% thinks that
he will be a great President in comparison with Ted Cruz, who have 53% of
Republicans think that he will be a good President, source given by Pew
Research Center. Furthermore, the support from white evangelicals is the key
part in his election in 2016 as well as his constituency, given by Pew Research
Center. Again, from statistics conducted by Pew, three-quarters of white
evangelicals think that Trump is handling his work really well as a president.

After all, although Trump has
only 15% to win the Presidential Election in 2016 according to the New York
Times, he still got the president chair inside his hand and this victory over
Hillary has a massive contribution by the white evangelicals with a number of
fully 94% GOP evangelicals said that they will support him with any cost if the
election was held at that moment, similar with 88% of white mainline
Protestants and 81% of Republican Catholics, given by Pew Research Center.
Whereas Hillary only have a number of 7% Republicans and church goers willing
to vote for her rather than Trump, given by Pew.

These statistics have proven that
religion do play a major role in determining who will hold the president chair
and it is clearly seen in many speech by candidates as well as presidents that
they always pray god supports and help America. Even in their motto: “In God we
trust” also represent the ideology about the superior who always bless America.
Thus making the evidence to reinforce the thesis given early in the essay said
that religion will and always play an important role in politics, especially in
American politics.

Another aspect of religion that
should be considered is that religion is the key factor contributes to social
change.  But is it true that the
contribution of religion is the most valuable asset for social change, or it
just a mere factor that combined with other random occasions that luckily shift
the social ideology to a new path that form our modern society nowadays?


Moreover, the significant impact
of religion on the society is easily recognized through many famous representatives
such as Martin Luther King Jr with his Southern Christian Leadership Conference
and Malcom X with Nation of Islam. These representative is well known for
changing the American society and the way people thinks. The most recognizable
person is Martin Luther King Jr with his attempt to fight for the rights of
African-American people and played a tremendous impact on the American society
at that period.