Frizzell, a Famous Commercial Artist Essay

Frizzell is a commercial artist, painting logos and designs for commercial use. His work is filled with images that are unusual and original. Biography: Born in Auckland in 1943, Frizzell studied at the Canterbury School of Fine Arts between 1960 and 1963. Always with an eclectic style and interest in language, Frizzell pursued a successful career in advertising after completing his studies. Working as a commercial artist, he successfully designed many advertisements; his interest in consumerism and pop culture fuelled much of the artist’s oeuvre. He has worked as an animator, commercial artist and illustrator.

His paintings are often a pastiche of images drawing on modern art and graphic design. Frizzell then became a visual painter and became a painter full time. He taught painting at the Elam School of Art, University of Auckland during the nineties, but left in recent years to pursue other avenues of work and tuition including Italian painting excursions. His work is represented in the collections of most public galleries in New Zealand. Mr Four Square Colours: In this painting the colours used are blue, white and black. Mood: These colours give the painting a calm, gentle mood.

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It also gives a feel of sadness or loss. These colours were used to make the picture feel calm. Materials: Oil, Canvas, Paintbrush, Palette This painting was made as the logo for the shop, Four Square. It is about the person who works at the cash register. The face is smiling to make it seem as if he is happy to serve you and is eager. All the features have been painted in a cartoon like way to make it appealing to customers. I like this painting because it uses colour and details on the face for customer appeal.

Brown ; Orange Tiki Colours: The colours used in this painting are brown, orange, white and lack. Mood: These colours give the painting an earthly, natural feel. It also gives a sense of discord and carefree, reinforced by the texture of the painting. Materials: Oil, Canvas, Paintbrush, Palette This painting is about Tiki, which are large Maori wood or stone carvings depicting humans. This painting is about an abstract Tiki. I like this painting because of the colours used to show what the Tiki is constructed out of; the painting is brown and orange showing that the Tiki is made out of wood. I also like the way the artist paints the forms in a carefree way to make the Tiki look scary.