For highly educated, users of different platforms/channels,

For the past decades, technology has, rapidly, shaken the
world. It has revolutionized industries and changed behaviors to the point
where it is no longer feasible to live without it, nowadays. Technology has
disrupted old business models and, completely, reshaped markets – and the hospitality
sector is no different.

The new consumers have different demands and emerging needs.
Today’s guests are highly educated, users of different platforms/channels,
fluent in universal and specific languages, and demand high level of
personalization and customization, especially, by taking control over their
stay to better customize services according to their personal preferences.
Overall, they have increased value for money and are searching for life

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The industry has been able to grow continuously by
recognizing and adapt immediately to the emerging trends. From social and
digital media, mobile tools, digital infrastructure, and data integration have
become increasingly crucial to the hospitality industry. Moreover, the
development of technology has enabled the incorporation of virtual reality,
augmented reality and robots into the industry in order to enhance the guest

Hotel guests are demanding the latest technology. The guest
satisfaction, according to several studies, no longer relies solely on the
hotel’s service, cleanliness, and price, but on its technology as well.

The same holds true in the Portuguese market. Hotels and
restaurants are using technology to provide an utmost effective and efficient
service. However, several questions arise:

What are the technologies that could impact
positively the traveling experience for a Portuguese guest, and, possibly,
enhance it?

Are the Portuguese Hotels providing the adequate
technology for the Portuguese guests’ expectations and needs?

Scientific studies concerning the use of technology in the hospitality
industry, and its correlation with the guest experience, already exist. In spite,
it is important to make an updated analysis of this issue due to the significant
changes that occur, especially, in technology which becomes better and less expensive
over time.

All in all, this study can be helpful to hoteliers that are looking
for ways to enhance the guest experience since it provides them information about
what a sample of Portuguese guests want.