Food from the beginning steps. Soil is

Food is believed to be the most important thing and is necessary to life, but food cannot be grown without the healthy soil that grounds the plants. Healthy soils are full of key nutrients that are essential to life. Soil is often times taken for granted, due to the fact that people are often uneducated on the importance of fertile soil. It takes approximately two thousand years for the Earth to naturally produce only ten centimeters of fertile soil from the beginning steps. Soil is made up of many things such as sand, air, water, decayed plant residue, clay, organic matter, and silt. Soil contains key nutrients that are necessary for growth as well, such as Potassium, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus. Healthy soil has soil layers that all take part in the growth of organisms. These layers include bedrock, parent material, subsoil, eluviated soil, and topsoil. The bedrock layer is the first layer, and this layer is a mass of rock that is composed of granite, limestone, and sandstone. The parent material is broken down bedrock. The subsoil is minerals that have been gained from the two layers above. The eluviated horizon includes clay, minerals, and organic matter. The topsoil is the top layer, which is where the majority of plant matter is located. Each layer has a part in the natural production of healthy soils. Climate and water sources are two major factors when it comes to maintaining nurshable soil. Water is a nutrient that is vital to the survival of healthy soil in order to make it capable of nourishing plant life. Without water, erosion can occur. Erosion is when soil, minerals, and nutrients are stripped from the Earth’s surface and relocated to another place, usually by wind. Climate is also a major factor of soil being healthy. If the climate is too hot, it is difficult for the soil to flourish effectively. For example, little plant life is able to be grown in the desert due to the fact that the soil is not fertile and is incapable of being able to hydrate the roots of the plants. Nutrients cannot be given. In conclusion, healthy soils are a necessary component to not only plant life, but also to the survival of humans as well. We must take care of the soil and correctly nourish it, so we can grow plant life for many years to come.