exactly the top of my class. I

exactly what I am interested and passionate about. My career objective is to be an active researcher and skilled professional in the design of secure large-scale mobile networks, sensor networks, and intelligent control and optimization. A PhD degree in Computer Science and Engineering from University of Cincinnati will be a crucial step towards accomplishing my target.


Throughout my academic life I have always been at or near the top of my class. I finished my primary, secondary and higher secondary board examinations with government scholarships along with multiple non-government scholarships in the years between. I have completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) from Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET) which is one of the top ranked public engineering universities in Bangladesh. I ranked among the top 13% out of 120 undergraduate students in the class and achieved yearly university technical scholarships three times in a row. I was awarded the title of Champion of IT Quiz at Inter University Tech Fiesta ’12, a nationwide technological contest attended by 29 universities of Bangladesh.

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My undergraduate thesis was on developing a novel approach to retrieve Bengali text from document image using Texture based Image Segmentation and Optical Character Recognition, which I completed successfully as the group leader. My thesis supervisor was Dr. Md. Shahjahan, an expert in intelligent robot controller design, machine learning, and pattern recognition. Our developed model was the first Bengali OCR system that could handle graphics in a document. My contribution to the research work was the text recognition part. I developed three separate statistics based algorithms for line, word and character recognition processes. I designed the algorithms in a way that they could tackle some unique recognition challenges presented by Bengali typography and work fast at the same time. I also handled the output formatting of the document so that the graphical objects in a document could be placed in the same position after character recognition process. A research paper based on the work titled “A Statistical Approach to Bangla Character Recognition from Document Image” is under review in Elsevier Image and Vision Computing Journal.


I also collaborated with a group of friends in a research work targeted to finding total efficiency of fuel cells considering their different causes of irreversibility, minimum loss capability and methods of optimizations for better performance observing cell voltage and current density.  My task was to determine the operational fuel cell voltage, find causes of voltage drop activation losses and reduce activation overvoltage. An article on the work titled “Fuel Cell Efficiency, Voltage Analysis and Performance Optimization” was published in the 15th Annual Paper Meet (2013), The Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB).


I first came to know about the fascinating world of networking and its ever widening applications from a two-day long seminar on Computer Networks and Security Issues during my second year at university. On the following semester, I enrolled in the one year long Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) course under the Cisco Networking Academy, Department of Computer Science Engineering (CSE), KUET and passed with above 90% marks in all four semesters (I came top of the class twice). After graduating, I sat for the CCNA Certification exam and scored 1000 out of 1000.


My current research interests include network security, QoS of sensor networks, router architectures and routing protocols. I am also interested in using networking for developing smart machines capable of autonomous behavior.  Presently I am developing a method that will protect the router from malicious packets containing misleading data and revision number. Another of my ongoing research project is targeted to reducetraffic energy consumption of multimedia sensor networks.I have previously worked on a project to find a way of faster and secure network convergence with minimum protocol processing in the router. My current profession as a faculty member at department of EEE, Leading University, Sylhet, Bangladesh hasgiven me the opportunity to lead the projects along with students. At present, I teach Computer Networks at EEE department and CSE department.I have also taught Digital Communication and Cellular Communication courses in EEE department. I am the lead coordinator as well as one of the instructors of Networking Workshop of the university. I felt that to teach better, I need to be expert first, and a PhD in Computer Science and Engineering would definitely help me in this regard.


I know that the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computing Systemsat University of Cincinnati has a good reputation for its quality of research. I am interested in the research areas related tonetwork security, sensor networks, multimedia communications, and intelligent robot design. Especially, the communication and networking related research works of Dr. Rui Dai and Dr. Frank Zhouperfectlymatches with my interests.I also feel attracted toDr. William Wee’s works on artificial intelligence and machine learning.I want to use the power of networking to developintelligent machines, and I feel the Complex Adaptive Systems Laboratory of University of Cincinnati is an ideal place for me.


My strengths are my consistency, persistence, and capacity for hard work- as a student of KUET, I maintained a class attendance rate above 98% throughout eight semesters.Apart from my post in networking workshop, I head the Simulation Workshop in my department and work as a co-supervisor of threeresearch groups.


I feel that, the works I have done as an undergraduate student and faculty member have given me a sound background to perform quality research in the field of networking and communications. Therefore, I am submitting my application to be considered as a PhD student in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computing Systems at University of Cincinnati.