Ever area which within my lifetime has

Ever since I first stumbled upon computers, I have been fascinated by the possibilities offered by them and the ways in which they work. For these reasons I feel that a Computer Science course would be perfect for me, it would both fuel my interests in all things technology driven, as well as allowing me to take the opening steps on a path leading to a career that I hopefully find fulfilling and enjoyable. My interest in computers grew from what was initially a mere curiosity – striving to play around with each and every program I could get my hands on, constantly in awe at how a big box under the desk allowed me to do anything from shooting aliens to drawing pictures! Even today, computers continue to surprise me, technology is literally everywhere today, and that is why I love it, so many possibilities make it a perfect course for me. Computer Science is an area which within my lifetime has gone from being exclusive to the highest academics, to being deeply integrated into everyone’s lives, and despite the massive leaps we have made so far, I feel that we are just scratching the surface with what can be done. This progress is something that I yearn to be a part of.I am hard working, responsible, ambitious, enthusiastic but most of all friendly, sociable and highly self-motivated. I also have a huge array of skills that I feel that I would bring to the course, one of them being my resilience and determination, I know that I may fail at times, but I refuse to give up until I have got it right. I hope to choose a career in computing and communication because of its opening, modernity and lots of challenges. I feel that the higher education I get the more it will enable me to approach to the most recent technologies and to practice myself in a competitive environment. I am ready to share my experience and learn from others. Now, not only have I got experience in using a computer personally, but I have learned a substantial amount through A Level ICT and self-teaching. I think I will be a credit to the institution, if I am given the opportunity.My main extra-curricular interest is sport. I have been made captain of my Sunday league football team and have also won player of the season once before. Being a captain has taught me leadership skills and how to work positively with others to motivate and encourage, others, and also myself when I may need it. In my spare time I enjoy going out with friends and socialising, we play weekly football and I try to keep as active as possible. When I am alone I really enjoy to play computer games as that is something I have a big passion about.In the summer of 2016 I started working at Frankie & Benny’s, an American/Italian restaurant. During this time, it has given me the experience in dealing with money, ensuring hygiene standards, and dealing with difficult customers. This also developed my communication skills, sense of responsibility, working as a team and my determination to carry on with higher education!I am ready to share my experience and learn from others, I would like to do this course, so I can develop my talent to its limits.