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Period 8


            What is gender inequality? And how does it affect the
world today? Gender inequality refers to unequal treatment of perceptions of
individuals wholly or partly due to their gender. Gender inequality negatively
affects society. Examples are the wage gap between men and women, education and

            Gender inequality negatively affects sports. Gender
equality in sports has always been a controversial subject. The founder of the
modern Olympics, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, said in 1896, “No matter how
toughened a sports woman may be her organism is not cut out to sustain certain
shocks.” In America 40% of sports people are women, however only 6-8% of the
total sports media coverage is devoted to them. And women-only sports stories
add up to just 3.5% of all sports stories in the four major us
newspapers.(Pavlovich) This shows that women’s sports don’t get the right
amount of attention in order to grow and become more popular, this is unfair
and must be changed for the better of gender equality. According to the women’s
sports foundation, male athletes get $179 million more in athletic scholarships
each year than females do. Additionally collegiate institutions spend just 24%
of their athletic operating budgets on female sports, as well as just 16% of
recruiting budgets and 33% of scholarship budgets on female athletes. Some
people argue that “women sports aren’t interesting enough.” Even though women’s
sports has only increased in popularity, the media coverage and sponsorship
dollars haven’t necessarily followed through and gender equality remains an
issue. Only 0.4% of the total commercial investment in sport goes into women’s
sport. (Pavlovich) This is not to say that there are no improvements for gender
equality in sports, it took until the 2012 London games to have at least one
female athlete in every country delegation. In the ranking of the 100
highest-paid athletes, there is just one woman- tennis star Serena Williams.
She is in position 51 and has an income that is $66m lower than Cristiano
Ronaldo’s, the world’s top earning sportsman according to Forbes. (Perasso)
Women are paid unfairly in sports as well. For example the last women’s world
cup soccer final was the most watched soccer match in the US with nearly 25.4
million viewer. And yet the prize money in both tournaments is determines by a
single body, Fifa that handed out 15 million for the women’s world cup and 576
million for the men’s and amound almost 40 times larger. (Perasoo)  Take this quote from Hope solo, American
goalkeeper “we are the best in the world, have three world cup championships,
four Olympic championships, and the men get paid more to just show up than we
get paid to win major championships.”

            Gender inequality also affects the wage gap between men
and women. Did you know that in 1995, women working full time and year round
averaged 71 cents for each dollar that men earned? (Castro) Women’s pay
averages only 76% of men’s pay. And about eight of ten retired women are not
eligible for pension benefits, when retired women do get a pension, it is
typically far less than retired men get. 50% of women who receive pension
benefits get only about 60 cents for every dollar of male pensioners, retired
women depend on social security for 71% of their income and about 20% of
retired women rely solely on social security for their incomes. A report made
by the general accounting office in late 2003 shows that since 1983, the wage
differential has actually increased, 60% of all women earn less the $25,000
annually. Women are one-third more likely to live below the poverty level.
Black women and Latinas are between two and three times more likely to live
below the poverty line than men are. Divorced mothers and their children have
amount the highest rates of poverty of any demographic. The average woman,
according to the AFL-CIO will lose $523,000 in her lifetime due to unequal pay.
(Castro) Similar pay gaps can be observed across other professional sports,
Former England captain Wayne Rooney took home a massive $400,000 a week while
his female counterpart Steph Houghton made around $1,600 a week, according to
Ladbrokes sports. In gold, men in the US open compete for a chance to take home
almost 1.5 million, twice as much the prize money for the female champion.
Lydia Ko, from new Zealand who in 2015 became the youngest player of either
gender to be ranked number one in professional golf, that year she pocketed
less money than the golfer in the 25th position in the male ranking
of the PGA tour. (Perasso) These are all example of the wage gap that exists in
the world today, and it is not fair that females can do the same job or
sometimes an even better job than their male counterparts and still make less
money. Pay inequality is real in sports, the average NBA salary in 1999-2000
was 58% higher than the average WNBA salary. Professional women tennis player
make 67 cents for every dollar earned by male tennis players, and in golf they
only make 36 cents for every dollar that men make. For example based on
reported prize winnings, when Venus Williams won the Wimbledon title in 2005,
she received $55,000 less than roger Federer, who won the men’s singles the
following day. And the surprising part is that television ratings for women’s
tennis are higher than those for men’s games. (Seely)

            Gender inequality also affects education. Are textbooks
biased against women? A done in 1971 shows that 75% of the main characters were
male in textbooks, the average book devoted less than 20% of its story space to
females. Also many books devoted only 15% of their illustrations to girls or
women. Most stories about females were usually duller, they are shown as
subordinate to brothers or doing uninteresting things and receiving no
recognition even for those accomplishments. (Blumberg) On September 11, 1974
feminist groups presented their protests at hearing on textbooks held by the
Texas education agency. They had analyzed all new textbooks, covering
kindergarten through 12th grade. Quotes from some of the textbooks
are “It is obvious that the lovely princess would have a difficult time finding
a husband; no man would want a wife who could outdo him in so many ways. Josefa
is wise enough to understand that her ability may prove he undoing” J.B Lippincott
co. Basic reading-L Manual, p. 2, and another quote from Houghton Mifflin Co.,
serendipity p. 357 “men will have to know about nuclear power. And girls will
be needed to work as stewardesses on the giant submarines.” This shows that men
know about power and girls are “needed” as servants. They also found an almost
total lack of work roles for women, who were almost always portrayed as wives
and mothers. Their analysis revealed an average of three men or boys to every
woman or girl; in some books it was 10:1 or higher. The ration also widened
going from 1st to 12th grade.(Blumberg) Gender plays a
big role in education. Did you know that Black girls were suspended at higher
rates than all other girls and most boys? According to the UNESCO institute of
statistics, 31 million girls of primary school age do not attend school and 17 million
of these girls will probably ever attend school in their lifetimes. Even at a
college level gender inequalities arise, according to the US department of
education, data found that 11% of men were accepted to brown university versus
7% if wine bub 2014. In addition at Vassar College the 34% acceptance rate for
men was almost twice as high as the 19% rate for women in 2014. (T, Kirah) Colleges
make it harder for women to get in than men and they should make it even for
all gender and races.

            In conclusion gender inequality is a problem all
throughout society and must be solved. These are just some of the bigger issues
involving gender inequality.