Effects of Employee Support on Junior Accountants Job Attitudes Essay

The article that we are taking under consideration discusses the affects of four types of employee support that is done on a sample of 231 junior comptroller ‘s committedness towards the occupation, their engagement in the occupation procedures and active engagement in the activities conducted by the company, and their purpose to discontinue the occupation. The four types of support that we are traveling to analyze are organisational support, supervisory support, psycho-social support, and calling development support. After profoundly analyzing all these factors and analysing the information the writer concluded that the lone factors that bind the junior comptrollers in the occupation are the organisational support and the psycho-social support by the organisation and the supervisors of the junior comptrollers.

The patterns that influence organisational committedness and the engagement in the occupation are of much value for research workers and ever pull the head of the company direction and practicians. In the accounting profession particularly where junior comptrollers are much more apt to discontinue the occupation after working for some clip because of the huge work force per unit area and the force per unit area of increasing public presentation from the supervisor. The junior comptrollers are discontinuing the occupations in a really big figure. From a survey it is been identified that the accounting sector is at a really high hazard of voluntary turnover. This consequence of voluntary turnover of employees from the accounting profession proved to be of really high hazard and harm in footings of fiscal patterns for the accounting houses who have invested a immense sum of money and investings in the preparation of the staffs. The other ground behind the quitting of occupations by the junior comptrollers is that the sum of wage paid to the junior comptrollers is comparatively less than the on the job hours that the employee put in. For undertaking this job the accounting houses are building new schemes to supply flexible working hours to the employees, better wage set for the employees, giving pregnancy leave. Although utilizing these schemes the accounting houses are still confronting the job of employee deficit therefore the accounting houses should build and happen new ways to promote employees to stay in the house and work for them. The organisation behaviour literature that the writer had considered stated that the work support provided to the employee by its supervisor and the direction policies of the company helps deriving the employees commitment towards the occupation, engagement in the occupation related procedures and reduces the employee ‘s purpose to discontinue the occupation. The types of support that has been considered in the organisation behavior literature includes major facets of support from the supervisor support from the organisation and the human resource policies of the organisation along with the psycho-social support from the co-workers and the supervisor and the calling development support. This is a general consent that the employees that receives such sort of support from the organisation and supervisors are less likely to discontinue their occupations and are much likely to demo better organisational support.

The article which we are sing discusses some major facets that is of import for the survey of organisation behaviour in the UAE and can be implemented therefore impacting the organisation behaviour schemes of the companies of UAE. The article considers major facets like organisational support, supervisory support, psycho-social support, and the calling development support. All this factors can be implemented as the schemes that are defined by the direction of the houses of UAE are purely non back uping workers benefit. The organisation support if implemented in the accounting houses of UAE would hike up the morale of the junior comptrollers and therefore increases their involvement towards the work as acquiring good support from the organisation and from the supervisor is one of the chief facets that every employee wants to be a portion of their work. Second better supervisory support can besides cut down discontinuing inclination of the employees as the supervisor is the 1 who takes attention of all demands of an junior comptroller and can supply moral support in clip of catastrophe to the junior comptroller, furthermore the supervisor acts as an wise man to the junior comptroller for the portion of his professional life. Therefore it is really of import in footings of organisation behaviour that the supervisor should hold a better attitude towards the junior comptroller. Another major facet of organisation behaviour is the psycho-social support provided to the junior comptroller in the UAE from its co-workers and from the supervisor the psycho-social consequence means the mental support provided by the co-workers in footings of work for e.g. If a individual is emotionally distracted or disturbed by some factors so the co-worker of the junior employee is the 1 who can portion and work out his jobs and assist him deriving concentration and promote him to make his work affectively. The last major point that the writer has discussed in his article is calling development, calling development is one of the major factors that binds the junior comptroller to his work as working for a house invariably and with dedication provides a opportunity for the junior comptroller to develop his calling to a threshold that is really of import for his hereafter, it is really of import for a junior comptroller to hold a good profile because the lone thing that affairs for a junior comptroller to turn in his calling is his good calling profile and accomplishments.

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The above four factors that is discussed by the writer should non be taken into consideration for all sort of occupations like instruction, hospital staff, and university staff etc. because accounting is a really different sort of occupation because it is of really alone features as the comptroller is non bound to work in merely one field like learning etc. Accounting is used in about all the Fieldss of the universe wherever there is a transportation of affair of fiscal type like accounting can be done in schools where the type of fiscal transportation is the fees given by the school pupils to the school, in infirmaries where the patients pay fees to the infirmary for their medical examinations etc. and to take history of all these fiscal transportations there is a demand of comptrollers.

The four factors that are discussed by the writer is of really much importance in the direction and promotion of organisational effectivity in the UAE as in the UAE junior comptrollers are of much value as they control and manage the financial logs of the companies and if the junior comptrollers are non satisfied by their work and finally wants to discontinue from their occupations so the possibility is really high that the industries will endure for that as there would be really less work force to pull off the work related to financial affairs and in bend consequences in prostration of the economic system. The methods thereby suggested by the writer to better the work conditions of the junior comptroller and therefore promote them to affect in their work every bit much as possible and that excessively really expeditiously can in bend helps the companies of the UAE.

Reappraisal of literature

The literature that the writer had considered is of really great importance and is purely in conformity with the construct of organisation behaviour, the literature that the writer had considered is taken from assorted epochs. The literature that the writer had considered is really much up to day of the month infact the writer had used certain new constructs to demo the patterns in the field of organisation behavior The writer had done a thorough research and survey on the related subjects of organisation behaviour like organisation support policies, the psycho-support policies, the supervisor support policies, and the calling development support policies. After analysing and researching on these subjects the writer had come to different decisions for e.g. The writer had concluded that the organisation support is one of the major factors of organisation behaviour as the organisation support gives an junior accountant societal every bit good as professional support. Giving the employee the support from the organisation promote them to give their sentiments and to be feel free to pattern histories and financial affairs and that excessively without the fright of anything the construct is of great importance in the state like UAE where there is still a deficiency in policies of effectual labour organisation behaviour giving an organisation support to the junior comptrollers and to supply them with some relaxation from work and flexibleness in the on the job hours gives an encouragement to the junior comptrollers and therefore hike up their morale. Organization support to employees in states like UAE could give the industry a frontward addition both in policies and in employee satisfaction. The writer has besides exhaustively researched on the subject of supervisory support and the writer ‘s penetration and values on the subject of supervisory support is appraisable and is harmonizing to the really construct of organisation behaviour. Harmonizing to the writer the construct says that the supervisor is one individual in the professional life of the junior comptroller that could act upon his dedication, attitude and encouragement towards the occupation both in a positive mode if the schemes and policies of the supervisor who is act uponing the junior comptroller is in favour and can be in a negative mode if the policies of the supervisor towards the employee is in negative mode. The supervisor is therefore the really individual who plays a critical function in the professional life of the junior comptroller in a state like the UAE where there is a deficiency of effectual interaction between the supervisors and the junior comptrollers. This construct of organisational support can turn out to be of really much importance as if the supervisors in the houses of UAE starts promoting their junior comptrollers both professionally and socially, this will hike up the morale of an junior comptroller and that will besides assist the junior comptroller to develop a inclination to affect in the occupation and non to discontinue from the occupation. Another really of import factor that the writer had discussed in his research is the psycho-social support for the junior comptroller in footings of organisational behaviour. Psycho-social support is of really much of import for any employee and for junior comptrollers it is of really much importance as the junior comptrollers have to work all the clip on financial related affairs and have no clip for other things. Furthermore the junior comptrollers get paid less harmonizing to the nature of the occupation therefore it is extreme of import to the co-workers and the supervisors of the junior comptrollers to hold a positive psycho-social impact on the junior comptroller. In a state like UAE where there is no such positive co-worker to colleague and colleague to supervisor relationship it is really of import for the companies to foremost develop a bond between them so that every individual can look out for demands of another junior history mate. If a work civilization of this type is developed between the junior comptrollers in the companies in UAE so it is really much possible that the junior comptrollers would experience happy to work all the clip as he feels comfy with the co-workers and this will besides bring forth a positive work civilization between the junior comptrollers and that will besides cut down their inclinations to cut down the occupations. One last point that the writer had described in his article is that of calling development, calling development is besides really much of import for the junior comptrollers as the major thing in an comptroller ‘s life is to develop a calling for himself by holding an impressive and successful profile that shows the work efficiency and the dedication towards work for the junior comptroller. Therefore if an junior comptroller wants to hold a good calling in front so he has to do a good calling profile as this is the starting of his calling and running off from work and discontinuing the occupation wo n’t do it, particularly in the state like the UAE where there is ever a demand for junior comptrollers, the junior comptroller should non discontinue from their occupations and should non run from their undertaking even if there is much jobs with the work. In a state like UAE there is a future demand of junior comptrollers and this can merely be met when the junior comptrollers stick to their work and make their undertakings in a good mode ( Chan, A. , Monroe, Ng, & A ; Tan, 2008 ) .

The research article written by the writer in the context of consequence of employee support on junior comptroller ‘ work attitude and purpose to discontinue is written maintaining in head the major facets of the junior comptroller ‘s work and is written in context of the modern work moralss. An organisation behaviour of the junior comptrollers, the manner of showing the research by the writer is appraisable and is research oriented. The facts and figures used by the writer is used maintaining in head the apprehension of the deep penetrations of the affair.

The job definitions of the article are based on the junior comptroller ‘s purpose to discontinue and involvement in the undertakings and are focused to happen the replies for these jobs. The writer had used certain good rating point to reply this job, the pa suggested assorted solutions for the jobs of junior comptrollers like the support from the organisation, the support from the supervisor, the psycho-social support from the co-workers and from the other peoples towards the occupation, and the calling development support. The writer had come to these decisions after exhaustively analyzing these things and done a elaborate survey on the subject, the writer has besides used assorted statistical techniques to work out the jobs related to the junior comptrollers, and the techniques used by the writer are the average computation method, usage of a point graduated tables from ‘strongly disagree ‘ to ‘strongly hold ‘ for assorted procedures, like for mensurating organisational support the writer used a five point graduated table for the study, eight point graduated table for supervisory support, 14 point graduated table for psycho support, and seven point graduated table for calling development related studies, and the cronbach ‘s alpha method etc.

The writer had conducted some preliminary statistical trials to look into the proof of the trials. The information therefore is tested on three degrees foremost of all the ‘psychometric ‘ belongingss of the graduated table is tested so explorative factor analysis ( EFA ) were performed, the procedures that is used in the EFA is the chief constituents method for extraction and the varimax rotary motion method. The EFA is conducted in parts for the trials for e.g.. The first EFA trial includes organisational support, calling development, supervisory support, psycho-social support and the 2nd set of trials include organisational committedness, occupation engagement and the purpose to discontinue.

The methodological analysis used by the writer to turn out the facts and figures and to stand for them is of analytical type ; moreover the writer had besides used assorted other techniques like the writer had taken mention from assorted valuable research documents to turn out his findings, the writer had used assorted statistical techniques to demo the analysis of the facts.

The content of the writer is taken from assorted mentions but the decisions derived by the writer is original every bit far as it seems, the apprehension of the topic by the writer is singular and is appraisable, the writer had presented the paper in a really good manner.


The methodological analysis that the writer had adopted for the article is purely in conformity with the construct of organisation behaviour and discusses assorted facets of organisation behaviour in footings of facts and figures and statistical positions. The writer had used certain statistical tools for the account of procedures and methods of organisation behaviour. The writer had presented the facts and figures in a manner that could be easy implemented and can be used by the professionals, as the writer have conducted assorted research, the writer has extended the research by carry oning anterior research for the subjects that can be understudied really good by any individual who is interested in the topic of organisation behavior both academically and professionally. The writer has conducted thorough research for the article therefore the methodological analysis of the writer is research based.

Analysis, decision and mentions

The analysis and decisions made by the writer is of statistical nature, the writer had made thorough survey of the subject and made different valuable decisions like the factors that influence the junior comptroller ‘s mentality of occupation engagement, organisational committedness, and discontinuing the occupation are organisational support, supervisory support, calling development, and psycho-social support.

The restriction of the research paper is that the writer had used hypothesis to turn out his points in some instances though the research work is done by the writer is appraisable.

The article that we are sing can be used by professional for pattern as the articles screens major facets of organisation behaviour in the accounting houses like the organisational support, the supervisory support, the psycho-social support, and the calling development support. This article is considered good for the survey of organisational behaviour and can be used as a mention by the accounting houses. The findings by the writer are by and large known but the method that the writer had implemented is alone and should be praised. The solution provided by the writer is fiddling in nature and can be implemented in the houses without much trouble as no factor in the four discussed by the writer is difficult to implement.

The article can be used as a mention for farther research on this subject, and can be used to make detailed survey by professionals ; the article is easy apprehensible and is considered good for both professional and academics intents.