Drilling the work; these machines cannot be

Drilling machine can be well-defined
as a tool which is used to drill holes. Drilling machine theatres an significant
role in automated workspaces. The resolve of this assignment work is to get grasp
of broad information relating to drilling machines. A drilling machine emanates
in many shapes and sizes, from small hand-held power drills to stall fixed and
finally floor-mounted models. Today the Industrialized development is purely
depends up on latest machines; therefore the focus of drilling machines is prolonged
too widely, because today varied diversities of drilling machines are designed
for countless solicitations. The most innovative version-drilling machine is
CNC (Computer Numerical Control). CNC Drilling is commonly applied for mass


Humble drilling machines like pointer
held portable drilling machines, power feed drilling machines, etc. are quite communal;
we can find these machines all over the place. Every so often these machineries
are used for drilling a over hole over the work; these machines cannot be used
for number of machining processes for exact applications. Human strength is
required to drill the hole, drilling penetration cannot be assessed properly, work
may pander to due to human faults, and different size holes cannot be drilled
without altering the drill bit. It also guzzles lot of time for doing recurrent
multiple work, these all are the disadvantages. To overawed all these problems,
this programmed drilling machine is designed this is intended to drill the
holes automatically over a job according to the drilling depth data programmed
through a Programmable Logic Controller. The main notion of this machine is to
drill the holes over specific work repeatedly at dissimilar depths, sequence is
upheld. As the machine comprises drill motor, the drive is controlled

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The mechanical transmission segment is controlled
with universal motor, based on the drilling programmed through PLC; the PLC limits
the schedules of drill motor over universal motor. Entire course falls under
the subject of Mechatronics, & various fields of equipment must be included
to full-fill the mark. The combination of electronic engineering, mechanical
engineering, electrical engineering, & control technology is forming a critical
part in this design. Particularly the control circuit designed with PLC plays leading
role in this project work. 



The technique of converting rotating to lined motion is applied
in the mechanism. The switch circuit is designed with PLC which activates a
universal motor according to the program inscribed in the PLC. The program is inscribed
in such a way, so that the PLC can recite and it can store the data received
from the controller.


The most imperative electrical device used in the project
work is universal motor. Today universal motors are broadly used for many prerogatives:
mainly in the field of Mechatronics & robots these motors are playing a key
role. The universal motor used in this project work is aboriginal one. The
universal motor is an informal and dependable device to convert electrical
energy into mechanical motion.