Draft access, while at the same time

Draft of policy paper: Energy For Sustainable Development


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is the most crucial factor of sustainable development and poverty alleviation.

For the sustainable development it will be necessary to secure access of
affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy services, while minimizing
greenhouse gas emission. Energy is a fundamental need as it provides the
essential services of cooking, heating, lighting, transporting, operations of
appliances, information and communications technology, and machines in the
world. Energy is the golden thread that weaves throughout the Agenda 2030 and
is at the center of meeting the world’s quality of life aspirations. It was not
included explicitly as one of the Millennium Development Goals but has given a
prominent place in the 2030 Agenda.


Global action for sustainable energy

In 2001 Agenda 21- focused on the current levels
of energy consumptions and productions are not sustainable.

In 2001 the 9th session of the
Commission On Sustainable Development (CSD-9)

In 2002 the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation

In 2006, Thematic Cluster: Energy for SD

In 2007, Implementation Thematic Cluster

In 2011 the Sustainable Energy for all (SE4ALL)
initiative was created to pursue the major objectives by 2030.

The UN general Assembly declared in 2012 as “the
International year of Sustainable Energy for All”.

In 2014, UN Decades of SE4ALL

In 2015, Agenda 2030: Sustainable Development
Goal 7




is estimated that approximately 2.8 billion people have no access to modern
energy services and 1.1 billion people have even no electricity. Likewise, 4.3
million people are dying every year due to indoor pollution produced by cooking
and heating with unsustainable fuels. Most of these people are in sub Saharan
Africa and developing Asia. We must improve the quality and quantity of energy
consumed by billions of people without access, while at the same time rapidly
decarbonizing the worlds energy system, responsible for 72,8% of greenhouse gas
(GHG) emissions globally.


Progress toward Sustainable Energy

first sustainable energy for all (SE4ALL) global tracking framework (GTF 2013)
established a consensus-based methodology and identified concrete indicators
for global progress toward the SE4ALL objectives. The second edition of the
SE4ALL Global Tracking Framework (GTF 2015) provides an update on how fast the
world has been moving to attain the objectives by 2030 agenda. Attaining the
SE4ALL objectives will require significantly reducing fossil-fuel based
activities, supporting technology innovation, introducing new finance and
business models, and implementing transformational strategies and policies.



Policies for the sustainable energy

objectives of energy sustainability are attainable and need not contradict more
short-term considerations, if the world embarks on the determined, collective
effort. The policies should be formed on the following area:


market security



energy policies