Dota Research Paper Essay

In the past decade, the computer gaming industry has grown from zilch to mammoth. The quality of game graphics and design enhanced with each new developed game. The latest games swept less new ones off the shelves of gamers. This was the case for almost all game genres especially with strategy games. However, a few strategy games developed by Blizzard Entertainment never seemed to lose their charm, in fact, they continually kept growing even more popular. One such game by Blizzard Entertainment is Warcraft III: Dota. Dota stands for Defense of the Ancients.

Dota is not game itself; it is a multiplayer map on Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. But because of its fame and ample differences with the rest of the game, this map is often considered an entirely separate game itself rather than just a map in The Frozen Throne. The idea in this game is that you are a hero from one of the two rival races; scourge and sentinels, and you fight your way through the defenses to destroy each others thrones. There is a vast variety of different heroes you can choose from each having its own special abilities.

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The game can support up to ten players, divided into two equal teams each representing one of the two races – sentinel or scourge. You can buy items with money you earn by killing enemy units and your hero increases in levels by gaining experience from battles. At each level change he learns a new ability. Heroes can cast spells, with almost every hero having his own distinct spells and attributes. The objective is to make your hero strong enough to defeat the enemy heroes and break down their towers and defenses. Dota was introduced as a map on The Frozen Throne, almost three years ago.

It did not gain much attention initially, but then gradually started being appreciated by gamers around the world. Since then it has had more than sixty new versions released, each new version gaining more fame and success. Today, people all around the globe play Dota like it’s an addiction. It is a fascinating and particularly enjoyable game, which is easy to learn, and the amount of challenge it gives you endlessly grows the more you play. For any fan of strategy games, Dota is a ‘must try’ game. RECOMMENDATION DOTA Strategy It’s hard for beginner to become a pro if you only play Dota for short of ime. Now, i will try to give you some tips about one of a important strategy in Dota, it’s called Lane Control. Lane control means you’re staying in your lane, getting maximum experience and gold and denying your opponents the same experience and gold. There are several techniques to this. Here I provide basic explanations and guidelines to Lane Control in basic overview. Tip #1 Harassing Harassing is a tactic to attack and try damaging your opponent hero to force him to stay away and play safely is the simplest way of controlling the lane.

But there are many advanced points to it because you cannot attack your opponent hero direct to him in certain range. DotA is programmed so that every time you attack an enemy hero every enemy creep within about 400-500 range will attack you, so you might end up receiving more damage that you dealt. Tip #2 Last Hitting and Denying To last hit means to try to deal the finishing blow to the enemy creep and gain gold for the kill, it gives you around 40-50 gold. But it is pretty hard to do with all your creeps pounding on them as well. Denying means killing your creeps to deny the enemy experience and gold.

You can attack allied creeps if they are below half health. A normal creep kill gives around 60 experience, while a denied creep gives them only 24 exp to ranged heroes and 48 to melee (but I’m not sure about the numbers). This also requires good timing. Tip #3 Creep Blocking To pull the creep’s meeting point to your side or behind your tower, you can consider creep blocking, that is, impeding the creep’s movement by means of walking in front of them and stopping from time to time, sometimes walking from side to side, so that the creeps huddle behind you and are slowed down.

You can practice this in single-player mode with decreased speed, gradually increasing it back to normal. Tip #4 Creep Pulling This is a really advanced technique, it allows you to delay your creeps significantly, but it is useless in solo lanes as it takes a lot of time during which your opponents have free farming. To perform creep pulling you need to find a neutral creep camp near the lane and at a certain time attack them and retreat into the lane. The neutrals will follow you, and if you timed it correctly your creeps will engage the neutrals and be pulled into the forest, getting significantly delayed and maybe killed.

It also allows you to destroy a creep camp which is usually a decent bonus. Also while your creeps are fighting the neutrals you can drag another neutral camp into the fight. But doing this requires perfect timing. Here are the basics and BEST DOTA TIPS to get you really playing Defence of the Ancients well: Tip #1 Farming for Gold in the game (Critical) Farming nuking creeps or even neutral creeps for gold. The more enemy creeps you kill, the more gold you’ll receive. Sometimes when farming becomes difficult, player may turn to farming neutral characters for extra gold. Tip #2 Last Hit or getting a Kill (Rude, but handy)

Be the last hero or player to hit a creep for gold. Damaging an enemy creep does not provide gold, so its beneficial for a non-ranged character to move in for a last hit to receive this benefit. This also allows you to stay out of range of the opposing team. Making a last hit requires a feel of the timing to deal direct damage for different characters. You can get a feel of this simply by playing the game often. A good strategy is to keep the thumb on the “ALT” key so that you can readily see the life line of the creeps, and only move in to get a last hit when its life is low.

Tip #3 Hot Key, defined keyboard shortcuts for quickfire playing Hot Key is an essential DOTA strategy. Different spells are tied to different buttons which when pressed will activate the spell. Since battles in DOTA last only a few seconds, clicking on the icons with the mouse is a little slow. Tip #4 Mouse, get a decent one! A mouse based game such as DOTA needs a high quality mouse. You’ll also enjoy the gaming experience more with a good mouse, skates, and mouse pad. Tip #5 Item Build, for your hero Having the right item build will increase the power of your character.

Some characters require more health or more speed, or more mana as the game progresses. Knowing the complimentary item build for your character will increase its power and direct damage. Tip #6 Team Play, don’t be a loner – GANK in a group. In competitive DOTA play, its necessary to play in groups. Public DOTA Tips and Competitive DOTA strategy are different with the latter being more difficult and emphasis on team cooperation. Tip #7 Mana Required, build up your supplies to cast spells Always take note of the amount of mana required to cast 2 spells. spell alone will normally not be sufficient to take down an opponent. Tip #8 Item Cost, don’t waste your hard earned gold in DOTA By understanding what items need to be built, you’ll be able to know the cost and time your return to the fountain. Less trips back to the fountain means more time in the battle field, which translates to more gold and experience for your DOTA character. Strategy 1 – Mind Game First and foremost, you must know your opponents. In order words, be aware of the characters they use. Knowing what kind of characters they use, enables you to know what kind of attacking method they will proceed with.

Therefore, you can counter them along with your allies when the right time has come. Secondly, underestimate your opponents. In many cases, gamers often gave chase to their opponents who suffer certain amount of damages, however they aren’t aware that an ambush has been planned just for them. In these situations, we would recommend you not to give chase to avoid losing valuable gold to your opponent. It would put your team in a rather more disadvantage situation if your opponents acquire more gold for stronger items during the early game.

Strategy 2 – Last Hit. Last hit is a very important technique as it allows you to acquire a greater amount of gold and it will determine which party has more lane control at the later part of the game. Also, last hit will enable you to have sufficient gold you need to acquire powerful items you need stay in front of the game. One of the technique to make a successful last hit is through the “ALT” key. It is for gamers to observe the life line of the creeps and the last blow should be made when their life run low. Timing is one of the very important aspect in this strategy.

Strategy 3 – Creeps Blocking. Creeps Blocking requires a lot of practice to be perfect. The reason is because you will be dealing with the AI and the patterns are different every time. However, once you can the hang of it, you will know how to deal with them effectively. The main objective for creep blocking is to enable the opponents’ creeps to be nearer to your tower which is a much safer place to stand. This brings lots of benefits in terms of golds and experiences. Strategy 4 – team tactics DotA is a team based game and it is essential for every team members to maintain good senses of communication.

Confident will eventually grow when the team goes into battle with full commitment. During Attacks and defends, they are to be executed with proper planning and agreement among members. This build trusts among everyone. With such cohesiveness being built, the speed of the team’s action will increase. When the opponents cannot keep up with your team’s attacking pace, victory is surely yours. Warnings are also another important factor. Team members are to inform one another in terms of missing opponents in their lane. This is to avoid the chances of back stabs and ambushes.

Strategy 5 – Item Proficiency Understanding the features of every item allows the gamer to save much time in farming and buy the right item which enhances the true ability of the particular hero. Every gamer must have a preplanned idea of what to buy at the start of the game, and what to aim for in your inventory list. Whether is it for farming purpose, mana regen or healthy regeneration, all have to be well-planned. This is to prepare you to be a good lane controller. In summary, by understanding the complimentary item build for your hero will boost its power and direct damage.

At the start of the game, it is best to continue farming in your designated lane. However in order to achieve that, you must control your lane well and cut the amount of time spent returning to the fountain. By knowing the items needed to be built, you will save more time returning to the fountain, thus more gold and experience can be attained when more time is spent on the battlefield. DEFINITION OF TERMS 1. Battle Fury – all illusions can cleave/ spread damage 2. Buriza-do Kyanon – all illsuoins have its own chance to critical 3. Cranium Basher – all illusions have its own chance to bash.

4. DOTA or it’s full official name – Defence of the Ancients is widely followed and played around the world, especially in Asia. 5. Doppelwalk is source of escape and confusion, it can save your life and always tricks ppl if you know how to do it (heheh one time, one guy Doomed my illusion ^^) 6. Hyperstone – to increase its attack speed 7. Juxtapose is a totally useless ability at first, it has a low chance of hit, and it does not source anything without the Phantom Edge. Phantom Edge is also no use its just evasion and without Juxtapose, its useless. 8. Radiance – all illusions have its own radiance effect.

FAQs Why does Spirit Lance and Doppelwalk first than Juxtapose and Phantom Edge? Spirit Lance is a good source of damage, and its dealt damage is huge for an agility based hero. DOTA Map Hacking Tool being Sold OnlineDOTA – Secrets and the Basics A free modification or mod for the popular Warcraft 3 software series from Blizzard. With such a huge following and a massive amounts of characters you can play, plenty of secrets, guides and strategy tips on DOTA have passed acorss the internet airwaves. IMPORTANCE OF THE STUDY DOTA Build for Clinkz Popular DOTA Allstars hero Clinkz; a super powerful hero if used right.

Here is a suitable build that will help you go hard and gank big time with Clinkz in your hands. ABIlITIES First skill- Wind walk Fourth skill-fletch Second skill-fletch Third skill-Wind Walk Fifth skill-Wind walk Sixth skill- fletch Seventh skill-windwalk Eighth skill-fletch Ninth skill-Flaming arrows Tenth skill-Flaming arrows Eleventh skill-Flaming arrows Twelvth skill-Flaming arrows For DOTA (Defence of the Ancients) Players, this is simply quite scary; there is a site online that is selling a $10 DOTA Map Hack utility putting the cheating power in the hands of every single newb to use Battle.

Net Called “MapHack WarCraft III” – this site is well setup and looks to be selling quite a lot of these map hack tools. At $10 US it seems most could afford it and judging by their Alexa Internet Rankings; they are a popular website. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY DOTA Guide At present, Defence of the Ancients (Warcraft DotA) has been in the gaming industry for around 3 years and it is known as the number one online battle game ever created. Its popularity flows through the online cyber world and simply every single LAN gaming outlets.

DotA has always been the hottest topic in forums. And what do people usually discuss about DotA? The answer is STRATEGIES. Phantom Lancer Item Build Hero Name: Azwraith The Type: Phantom Lancer Hero Movespeed: 295 Main Damage at first: 45 – 67 Heavy Defence at first: 3 The Starting HP: 492 The Attributes:Str – 18 + 1. 5Agi – 23 + 2. 8Int – 21 + 2. 0 Exact Skills and their specialities:The Spirit Lance DOTA All Star – PL Throws a magical lance / spear at a certain target, thus slicing it and slowing for 3 seconds. By Slowing and destroying their hp with this massive skill.

His windwalk or Doppelwalk – does allow Azwraith to become totally invisible for a certain period of time, leaving behind a duplicate of himself to confuse all his enemies. , very handy. He has 10% movement bonus at all his levels. This Lasts 12 seconds. Also very useful for badly tricking other heroes on casting and allowing you to escape. His Juxtapose ability – Now whenever Azwraith attacks others he will sometimes randomly create another duplicate of himself. Limit of 8 images for this ability. His duplicates can last 15 seconds.

This is very useful if you have a really fast at attack speed and if you have Phantom Edge- This gives Azwraith an edge in combat by allowing him to evade some attacks and increasing his Juxtapose’s image generation. Additionally, it enables his images to generate their own images in addition to origin images. Very handy cuz of his evasion, and also its images / illusions can duplicate. Skill Build:Levels 1, 3, 5, 7. Spirit LanceLevels 2 , 4, 6, 8. DoppelwalkLevels 9, 11 and 16. Phantom EdgeLevels 10, 12, 13, 14.

Why can’t I buy certain items that Does Not Stack with Orb Effects? You can buy, but it only covers the Juxtapose. The Juxtapose is a Orb Effect skill and this ability and the item don’t stack. So Juxtapose will not work until you remove the item with that Orb Effect. If you like us to be fast at attack speed, why don’t you let us buy items that increase our attackspeed twice? If you have 2 items that are both increasing your attackspeed, the illusion can be increased by one of the items, so DOTA PROs can really identify which is the fake and which is not the fake .

Obviously The real one is faster while the illusions are slower. (if you have 2 items with inc attack speed)Give me some other questions to answer and okSome of this is not mine and some are (that means its edited)I forgot the site but maybe I can find it.. What does it do? This is the most amazing cheat/hack program out there for Warcraft! With program you will see all your enemy units (heros,building,army),cooldown of skills of your enemy or friendly heros,Fog of your enemy in minimap,invisible units,ilusion of heros enemy,Health Bar of all your hero’s enemy.

Can I get banned using this? While our product is undetectible by Blizzard’s software (memory scanning, hard disk scanning, etc), common sense applies here. If you use the product then run around screaming “HA HA HA! You are invisible and I can see you” then obviously this may attract the attention of a admins. Are you Blizzard or affiliated with Blizzard? No. We are an independent software vendor and are not affiliated in any way with Blizzard Entertainment or Vivendi. Does this work on The Frezen Throne?

What platforms are supported? Yes of course, The Frezen Throne has the same core as Reign of Chaos. We support Windows 2000, Windows XP Home, Windows XP Pro. Does this work on all servers? Yes this works on ALL servers! This works whether you are on a Normal, PvP or Role Playing server. How do I know you won’t use my credit card or keylog me and steal my password? As a SSL certified site we offer secure checkout via PayPal and don’t even store your credit card number. Why can’t I write my own hacks?

Certainly, if you have the programming background and time to figure out Blizzard’s algorithms and stay on top of patches and client changes, as well as solve the detection problem, nothing should stop you. Our product is cheap. For $10 you get all of our development and testing work, as well as updates and documentation. How much is your time worth to you? What if I’m not satisfied? We offer an 30 day money back guarantee, if you’re not satisfied with our product in any way. We stand behind the quality of our product and your satisfaction is guaranteed! How young people become addict to dota? how to cure the addiction to dota?