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Destiny SmithProfessor TyrePublic Speaking 231-35823 January 2018Hi my name is Destiny Smith.Today you will be learning about the threes F’s that I love in my life. Now that might not sound interesting but just listen up for a few minutes.Did you know that in the United States there are 11,425 people with the name Destiny. And there are just a little under 3 million people with the last name Smith but there is only one me.Family First I liked to tell you about my family I have two parents and four siblings that makes seven people and one large family.Isaiah he is 22 my oldest and has a political science degree but now wants to own his own label. Jeremiah’s my 2nd oldest brother and he’s 18 turning 19 friday and he’s at Fayetteville State University and loves Kodak Black. Zoe’s my oldest sister and she is a sophomore in highschool and loves playing the flute. Kharis is 12 younger sister who acts 21 and really wants move to California and work at buzzfeed when she gets older. Being in a bigger family you learn how to share and compromise. Also you have to grow to be a giver although you don’t always want to. When my older sister wants to where my Uggs, and then it causes an argument and I don’t want her to wear them.I remember when my older brother went to an overnight trip to Florida. He did not have a pair of headphones to wear on his trip and really wanted to wear a pair. But I really like listening to my music on the way to school and he was going to be gone for a whole school week.My dad made me feel really bad enough and I ended up giving them to him and he had a good time. FriendsMy friends mean so much to me.When people say true friends stay friend through thick and thin I believe that is so true. Because that is how I have been able to see my true friends thru the times that were thick. I remember when my bestfriends dad had a stroke dad had a stroke earlier last year and my best friend had to stay over my house for a few days.She would do somethings that would annoy me like when we would go to bed we would sleep in the same bed and would sleep head to feet. She’s a kicker so she kicked me in the face all night long.I gotta say I love my best friend but that night I hated her. FashionMy Favorite store is Fashion Nova and Forever 21. Forever 21 is one of the biggest stores in concord mills mall. It is very aesthetically pleasing in my opinion so does Fashion Nova which is an online store. Both stores make me feel like the beauty queen that I truly am. It sells everything from purses to make up. My favorite things to buy from there is there shirts and leggings. Fashion Nova is big on selling shirts and cute dresses but my favorite this to buy from there is the jeans. I really love shopping at forever 21 because the workers are so nice and that is something I really look for in a store.Today you learned about the 3 F’s I love in my life.