Decisions and Reality Essay

Decisions and Reality

            My life has always been about making choices. The different decisions I make in life have become beneficial and have contributed to who I am today. The last five years of my life were filled with difficulty and numerous queries that caused much of my struggles. I must say that the most difficult professional decision I had to make was how I would be able to relive my life again after being discharged from the service due to the injuries I got while in Iraq.

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Alternatives in Resolving the issue

            There are different ways in resolving issues. Personally, I believe that the best way is to start by accepting what has happened. Through this simple admission, I would be able to fully understand and accept the situation. Being busy with numerous things would also help me in forgetting the problems. In this manner, I would find a sense of usefulness regardless of being discharged from the army unit. Furthermore, blaming of one’s self should not be practiced, for this would only lead to wallowing and insecurities.

            More so, resolving issues are all based on what can be done to help improve our surroundings. Asking help is not a bad thing to do, for professionals have a way of understanding what we are going through and what should be done. In so doing, participating in social groups that may be related to government service would make it easier to accept what has happened in life.

The decision-making process
Deciding to live again would come as a challenge for many. There are many things that would hinder growth, but these are the simple things that must not be affected by emotions. After being discharged from the Army, I felt that I huge piece of my life was taken away from me. However, with the help of my family, I was able to realize my true calling in this life. And so, I decided that I should try to live anew. This was a good sign that I am on the right path.

            Another factor that I would consider in this part of the process is my source of inspiration. For the longest time, I have always put my family ahead of the line; in so doing, they would be the very reason why I should start anew. In addition to this, I would also have to make sure that I do not get suffocated with the kind of thoughts I have towards what has happened.

The Plan of action
After accepting my fate, I decided that I should think of the different ways of how I could be of service to my countrymen even if I was not in the army anymore. I am a wife to a disabled husband and a mother to four children. Through my own personal predicament, I was able to finally see what I should do. I went to college and became a SPED teacher. In this manner, I would be closer to my real situation in life, without compromising the quality of work I produce. Afterwards, I went on and worked as a Para educator for children with special needs.

Implications of the decision

Being able to accept the fact that I am no longer in the army is one of the most difficult realities to accept. However, the experiences allowed me to learn more about myself and appreciate life the way it should be. In my own little way, I was still able to be of service to my

Also, I was able to give much importance to my education by going back to school. The knowledge I acquired became beneficial in my new career as a Para teacher. Through active involvement, I was able to exhibit the numerous lessons I learned from both my academic institution and the realities of life I learned when I was in the army. Most importantly, I was able to renew my relationship with my family and be there for them in times of need.