Construction the reason for choosing that particular

Construction technology  P1. Select any one of the project given below and give the reason for choosing that particular one with its benefits for nation.1. Low cost Highway network system.2. Design of under ground water Tank.3. Design of road side drainage system.4. Secant Pile Construction near the area few meter above sea level. P2. What are the main components of your project identify them and explain thembriefly.  M1. Provide the specification of your project (Performance Specifications,Prescriptive Specifications) with standard important requirements that arenecessary to fulfill the project .  D1. Give a description of the project you choose.What is the feasibility of resources and your planning to execute the project.What is the future scope of this project. P3. Identify the factors to complete a project in time.Also how you find all the resources and Cost is also an important factor for a project. So how you reduce it. Take an example an explain all the fact. P4. Define project activity list and dependency relation.Select a construction method. Estimate activity duration and cost. M2.Take a project as an example.Then set a realistic time schedule for project completion make sure focus is maintained on the most critical tasks for the critical path – since the path leads to the minimum time the project requires, any delays to these tasks will result in a delay to the overall project. P5. Suppose Mr.X, the project manager for the Reliable Construction Co. project, wants  to construct a  building of a shopping mall(expected time in weeks shows in table below). Use PERT/CPM to develop answers to a series of questions:a) What is the total time required to complete the project if no delays occur? b) What can be the critical bottleneck activities where any delays must be avoided to prevent delaying project completion? ACTIVITY     DESCRIPTIONPREDECESSORSTIMERESOURCEASelect Office Site 3 BCreate Organizational Plan 5 CDetermine Personnel RequirementsB3 DDesign FacilityA,C4 EConstruct InteriorD8 FSelect Personnel to MoveC2 GHire New EmployeesF4 HMove Records, Key Personnel, etcF2 IMake Financial Arrangements B5 JTrain New PersonnelH,E,G3   P6. By taking previous question as an example justify the reason of your preference. M3.To complete a project effectively a incharge need a). A high performer teamb) Strong and timely decisionsc) Open and clear communication.Suppose some performer of your team are not as good as you need. How you manage this situation.Compare your outcome and the actual outcome of the project.  D2.The project you choose from Q1.Explain how you managed the project.What is your positive points in managing the project and how you also improve your performance. P7.Whatever project you selected from Q1, Identify each essential steps to execute a project and write a report based on that. P8. Utilize appropriate references and citation in a proper manner to write a report.P9.Prepare a presentation of your final project outcomes, utilizing industry standardsoftware.M4. Present your final project outcomes.