Computer and Cellphone Color My Life Essay

Computers and cellular phones are the newest, most pressured modern gadgets in this generation. Both have minor and major circuits that works day and night for the user. But computers have much larger components inside rather than a cellphone. These two modernized, simplified machines are both favoured by teenagers. These two is somewhat the method to communicate with somebody you met or even unfamiliar people. Phones are used to communicate directly to the person for the user wants to talk to even though he/she is miles away.

Computers, too, can be a phone with the use of headsets but only if opened with a program that converts the frequency of computers to the frequency of ‘cells’, also if connected to telephone stations. Compared to telegrams and snailmails that are used decades ago, these things are incredibly fast just within one click, anything the user say could possibly be rapid in state of speed of light, and can even vibrantly end the communication with flying colours. But cellphones are known to men in Philippines popular in text messaging when computers are known with social networking, chatting, gaming etc via internet.

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Computers and cellphones also have games which mostly everybody is entertained, and some would be serious. But the difference between the two mentioned gadgets in the name of gaming, computers have more advantage than cellular phones. Because computers can manage to hold huge amount of bytes for peculiar games than a cellphone that can only hold games with low amount of data such as Java games that is compressed to lower the bytes for the phone to hold constantly if not crashed. Another counted difference between the two gadgets is convenience in terms of weight scaling.

Computers cannot be brought and use it outdoors because it needs constant flowing electricity to work and is heavy, obviously. Compared to cellphones, it can be handled with ease because of not having much weight which is more convenient to bring outdoors but the batteries needs to be charged simply to open and cooperate with the user. The said statements are logically true. Indubitably indeed. This is what our generation is. Modern in technology and mechanism. The inventors of computers and cellular phones should be thanked because this time, every peoples’ life will change in terms of socializing himself/herself with others.