Comparison Between Eoq And Jit Purchasing Policies Accounting Essay

This survey will dwell to rede a company on its hereafter picks in order to better the production and repair some troubles such as portion deficits.

Here the current company based in U.K. industries five types of gear boxs for choppers made from two metals. Sing the U.E. jurisprudence the company is qualified as medium sized company with respect to the figure of employee ( EU recommendation, 2003 ) .

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The first portion of this survey will compare two direction tools which have the same mark in cut downing ordination and retention costs.

The 2nd portion will foreground others direction tools which allow happening easier system restraints such as stuffs resources be aftering ( MRP ) , soft system methodological analysis ( SSM ) and theory of restraint ( TOC ) .

The value watercourse mapping bellow allows seeing the current running of the company and the major issues met with its current direction, for case portion deficits and high Work In advancement.

Figure Value watercourse function of the company

This first portion will dwell seeing if merely in clip ( JIT ) buying policies can be more cost effectual than Economic Order Quantity ( EOQ ) used by the company. To get down this survey a encephalon storming has been organised between seven people in order to discourse about failings and causes which can take to a portion deficit. Consequences can be seen below in the Ishikawa diagram.

Figure Ishikawa diagram

Sing this diagram many causes can be led with EOQ buying policies. The most common troubles met are the retention, transit and stuff monetary values which are non changeless due to quantity price reduction or incorrect prediction.

Sing the possible alteration of buying policies to the merely in clip, it is necessary to compare these two buying policies and see if this new policy can repair the current company issues.

First, it is of import to see advantages which could be brought by merely in clip. Comparing this method to the economic order measure, the major advantage is that disbursals associated with keeping a big stock list can be dramatically reduced. Therefore the company can cut down its degrees of finished goods, work in advancement and natural stuffs. Besides JIT requires a really good organisation to run into the client demands, so, natural stuffs and parts demands to be delivered merely in clip to bring forth precisely what is needed.

This organisation avoids the overrun and allows diminishing production and ordination costs and increasing the quality of the finish goods. Due to the little size of orders it is easy to see defects, quality jobs can be fixed before they rise to an unsurmountable grade ( Andrew Dubrin, 2008, p. 208 ) . With respects to EOQ theoretical account, the high degree of stock list can take to a impairment of merchandises over clip. So, JIT guarantee a better quality.

Refering the costs of each buying policies, to cognize which the more cost effectual, different research have been carried out, notably by Fazel et Al ( 1997 ) who developed a series of mathematical theoretical accounts to compare the cost difference between these two policies. Fazel et Al ( 1997 ) showed the being of an indifference point where the costs are the same for a degree of demand ( see fig. 3 ) . Therefore beyond this point JIT stock list is non more cost effectual than EOQ.

Figure Cost difference between EOQ and JIT

So, Fazel et Al ( 1997 ) conclude the pick of a suited system depends on many parametric quantities such as bringing monetary value, stock list retention and ordination costs and price reduction rates. Besides, EOQ is preferred for a higher degree of demand.

In the instance of this company the pick in consideration of the monetary value is hard. Indeed, a batch of informations like bringing monetary value, stock list retention and ordination costs are losing, so it is non feasible to utilize mathematical theoretical account above. However Schniederjans and Cao ( 2000 ) concluded that JIT system would ever be preferred to an EOQ system ( Wu Min and Low Sui Pheng, 2006 ) if other parametric quantities are taken in consideration for case the cost economy caused by cut downing square footage with JIT policy. Although JIT seems to be more cost effectual in that instance, it is preferred to see and analyze other advantages like quality and flexibleness.

Respecting the flexibleness, one of major advantages of JIT stock list is to do the system flexible by cut downing setup clip and lead clip ( Jae K. Shim and Joel G. Siegel, 2008, p. 240 ) . In add-on JIT besides requires a flexible work force. Indeed workers are trained to execute a broad scope of occupations at really short notice ( Vikas Kumar, 2010 ) . In comparing ( Mark O. George, 2010, p. 166 ) considers that a dimension is non taken in history in utilizing EOQ such as endeavor velocity, flexibleness and reactivity. Consequently JIT is more flexible than EOQ buying policy.

Sing the measure price reduction, EOQ policy is based on the fact that stuff and transits monetary values are changeless for the order measures and the period considered. However there are frequently volume price reduction, so the monetary value and the demand may alter, but is possible to include variable in the EOQ expression ( P.Marayan and Jaya Subramanian, 2008, p. 18 ) . The different mathematical theoretical accounts established by Fazel et Al showed that JIT is ever more cost effectual that EOQ even in including measure price reduction.

To reason JIT buying policy includes batch of advantages which could be good for the company notably the fact to be more flexible, to cut down work in advancement and natural stuffs stock list. However, JIT needs some demands to guarantee a good running of the company such as puting up Kanban pull system in order to command the production. Another inconvenient for this company is the distance between it and its providers which are excessively far, notably one based in a different continent. JIT requires working closely with providers in order to be delivered every twenty-four hours merely in clip with the right measure. Therefore if the current company can & amp ; acirc ; ˆ™t changed of provider, it is traveling to be hard for it to implement a merely in clip buying policy.

The JIT solution has non been chosen by the top direction, therefore the purpose of this 2nd portion is to compare different tools such as stuffs requirement planning ( MRP ) , soft systems methodological analysis ( SSM ) and theory of restraint ( TOC ) in order to propose what type of tool would be suited in happening system restraint.

First concentrating on theory of restraint ( TOC ) , this construct is based on the being of the restraints which are chances for betterment. Harmonizing to Eliyahu M. Goldratt ( 1900 ) , there are fives concentrating measure of ongoing betterment listed below needed to better the system ( see fig. 4 ) .

Figure Five focusing stairss of TOC ( Goldratt, 1990 )

The TOC solution uses different methods to repair jobs in the production line such as the membranophone buffer rope programming, restraint focused public presentation measuring and buffer direction ( Togar M. Simatupang, 2004 ) .

There are many advantages to utilize this system for case TOC is a powerful and cost effectual tools. The company can increase its productiveness with minimum alterations to operations and without extra infinite or staff. Furthermore quality and flexibleness are increased thanks to the uninterrupted betterment. However there are besides some inconvenient such as the trouble to use TOC if the constriction is continuously traveling ( Michal MARTON, 2010 ) .

Second, refering material resources planning, nowadays this fabrication tool is chiefly package based. It permits guaranting that stuffs and merchandises are severally available for production or for bringings to the client, keeping lowest stock list degrees in shop and planning fabrication and buying activities and bringings. ( Rajesh Gautam, 2012).

There is an development of MRP called MRPII which has the advantage to take in history all facets of the fabrication procedure including stuffs, fundss and human resources.

Gautam et Al ( 2012 ) showed that MRP is a utile simulator which could convey many net incomes such as to diminish work in advancement at each station, lessening fabrication costs, and better production planning, command the fabrication procedure from purchase to the cargo and supply suited precedences that reflects existent demands. Sing the restrictions, most of them are fixed with the development but MRPII requires high truth of informations and a good cognition on the merchandise construction and routing.

Despite the high monetary value of this package, it could be a good solution for the company. Indeed MRP reacts rapidly when the demand alterations, and providers don & amp ; acirc ; ˆ™t need to be based near to the company.

Third, concentrating on Soft System methodological analysis ( SSM ) , which permits comparing theoretical account from the existent universe and theoretical account as it might be thought seven phases ( see fig. 5 ) ( Checkland, 1981 ) . SSM is a acquisition and asking tool.

Figure Seven phase theoretical account of SSM ( Checkland, 1981 )

The chief advantages of this tool are that the betterment of job analysis, it is easier to understand and construct a construction in order to repair job state of affairss at any phases of probe. Furthermore it provides lucidity in failing countries, and contributes to a better communicating.

This methodological analysis can non be applied to all the job state of affairss. Indeed it is hard to utilize this attack if the job is non decently defined or if the analyst has non knowledge of the current on the job procedure.


The two parts of this survey hold given an overview of the running, benefits and restrictions of each tool. With respect to Gautam et Al is hard to take a suited method which can run into absolutely the client demand, decrease production and keeping cost, etc… Lot of factors need to take in history such as company size, execution costs, staff preparation etc…

However, if this company needs to do a pick, I think that the most appropriate stock list direction tool is material resources be aftering. In fact, the company seems to turn because two new types of gear boxs have been launched within past two old ages, so the company needs flexibleness which could be brought with MRP method. Besides with the development of computing machine engineerings, MRP can accommodate and turn in same clip of the company.

Second the company want to be absolutely coordinated in order to assembly the little parts. Strength of MRP is to schedule the production and procedure, therefore it can cut down work in advancement and better the coordination of these different procedures.

Third, the relation between providers, clients and the company can be manage by this tools, notably to cognize when is necessary to direct an order or a cargo. In that instance keeping costs can diminish and component can be received merely in clip. Additionally it is easy to add a new provider or client in the information base.

Finally, director can hold a position on all procedures, know the measure of natural stuff and portion in advancement, indentify easy restraints of the system and take speedy determination.

The chief restriction to implement a MRP in this company which can be the cost of investing, this tool is peculiarly expensive. In add-on MRP requires developing to larn how to utilize it. It is really of import to cognize good the running of this one and how enter data because this package is based on the truth of informations. The company count 125 people, so it will be non excessively expensive and excessively long to develop the staff.

To reason MRP can be coupled with another direction tools such as merely in clip or theory of restraint, accordingly the company is non struggle with this pick.