Colonialism: Heart of Darkness Essay

What is colonialism? With what I had earned through history classes and from my elders, colonialism is when countries attempt to overrule new land or land from other nations. In Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad revolves his story around England’s colonialism in Africa, where white men are going on boats, claiming the land of natives and overpowering them with their gun power. A reader can see the devastating results of colonialism, such as its corruptive desire for power and its promotion of greed and selfishness.

Characters such as the manager, Kurtz, the chief accountant, and the brickmaker are examples of men that had been completely influenced and corrupted by the influence of colonialism. They come to think of themselves as highly, or in Kurtz case, a god. In the manager, chief accountant, and the brickmaker’s case, they come to treat the native inhumanely without a second thought or guilt. In my opinion, this is how colonialism begins, with a nation believing that they have potential for world domination and willing to do anything to achieve it.

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Countries that take part in colonialism, usually starts with third-world places with rich fertile land. Africa is a great example of such a land. Africa’s land is highly rich with nutrients and is also packed with a variety of floral, land, and resources. Due to this, countries view Africa as a place where goods can be used to make money, thus colonialism begins. What are other places that had faced colonialism?

North America was once a land owned by Native Americans, but once founded by people of England, it was soon overtaken by English pilgrims. Land was power and this is not only true many centuries back, but also now, in modern times. In my personal opinion, colonialism is a essential part of international relationships, and it is the fast way of getting third-world countries to into modern times where life is easier, safer, healthier, and filled with opportunities. However, the processes of colonialism are often harsh and violent.

In Heart of Darkness, natives were being beaten, chained, starved, and overworked even till the point of death. Those that followed the Englishmen were given a better living than those that rebel. Such treatment on the land that was previously owned by these natives is just downright cruel. Like many thing in this world, colonialism contains both good and bad aspects. In the end however, it is almost part of human nature to want to dominate, gain, and increase in power, therefore colonialism is almost irrepressible.