Clint we respect others, we become closer

Clint Eastwood once said, “respect your efforts, respect yourself, self-respect leads to self-discipline, when you have both firmly under your belt, that’s real power.” When we respect others, we become closer to being a better person. But this is not the case for today’s society.  In these times, people barely respect each other, due to violence, disrespecting people, or the way they were raised.
Violence is one problem in today’s society. Television shows, video games, and movies promote and depict violence. This is causing children to commit heinous acts because they saw it in movie or video game. Studies show that young children who are exposed to these kinds of media are more likely to buy weapons, do drugs, or kill someone only because they saw it in a movie.
Another fact is that being disrespected(Slighting) can lead to many dangers. Slighting when you are showing a lack of respect. Many people believe that slighting is not important, but they can have dangerous consequences. They can play with the inside of peoples’ minds, opening up wounds that are difficult to heal. People just sit there, letting the humiliation eat at us from the inside. Eventually, people will snap and decide to fight back. This can lead to people slighting back: for example, “She didn’t invite me to her party, so I’m not going to invite her to mine”. And if the person reacts to your resentment, it could end up in a full scale feud. 
Especially with young men, slighting can trigger a violent reaction. Psychologists Martin Daly and Margo Wilson estimated that two-thirds of all murders were the result of men feeling that they had been disrespected. Also, there has been an increase of flashpoint killings( murder triggered by trivial confrontations.). Typically, the flashpoint killer is a young man who becomes furious after feeling he’s been slighted in front of friends.