City Life Essay

Living in the big city the lights, the people, the night life, but is it all that its cracked up to be? Or is it nothing but problem after problem. After a close look the negative side may strongly outweigh the positive. Living in the big city has become very expensive in the ninety s. The cost of renting an apartment alone is quite the financial burden, the rates do vary but in order to have an apartment that has suitable living conditions the price often runs high. Even an apartment with only two bedrooms can run you about four thousand dollars a month.

So if you have a whole family its probably double that amount. Next the taxes are higher in the city, therefore everything is going to cost a little more. The rate is eight percent and its even on the clothes you wear. And you cant park just anywhere in NYC so therefore you will have to pay for parking every month also, if you choose to own a motor vehicle that is. Other wise you could end up with a towed away vehicle, and a bunch of parking tickets which are all just more things to pay for. These expensives can be avoided however the cost of living can not.

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So of you need to park your going to have to pay, especially if you live there and have to park overnight. Well you ve found a way to overcome the cost of living and now your ready to walk the streets and see the big lights and further enjoy the city that never sleeps. But are you really? The streets of New York City have become a home for dirty garbage, annoying homeless bums, and a enormous crime problem. Walking down a NYC street you might find yourself wondering if anyone in the whole city even owns a broom. The streets have become filthy and ugly.

Some corners have garbage piled feet high, leaking who knows what onto the sidewalk. Bums and even others use dark corners as means for private urination. And the horrible site and constant peddling of the homeless on every corner alone could make a person want to pack up and move elsewhere. And it doesn t end there, to top it off its one of the biggest crime cities in America today. Now no one needs to be afraid to walk down the streets in their own town, but if these streets are in NYC you are left with no choice but to be a little paranoid.

A stroll through a park will normally bring relaxation and beautiful scenery; but at Washington Square Park a well known usually crowded park in NYC a stroll will quickly bring you about a dozen offers of narcotics ranging from weed to LSD. And the men making these offerings look like some refugee from Jamaica which to some people can be rather intimidating. An adult in this situation might not feel too threatened and just ignore these crooked people, but what about a child and what if it was your own child. And dont think its just one park with a bad history, a jog through Central Park could result in even worse results.

For many have entered and been raped or worse murdered and left for dead, and by complete strangers no less. Now this situation is a strong threat for all ages and sexes. Would you want your child or yourself confronted with this on a routine walk through a park? Would you want your to grow up and play in an environment such as this. Basically theres drugs, carjackings, rape, and even murders that occur all day every day. Just keep the kids off the street you say, that may work but is that enough? Are the streets the only danger or problem a child will face?

Children in city schools are not any safer when inside of school surroundings. The school system of NYC are some of the poorest around ever! Even the hallways are filled with drug-dealers, violence, and even murders, all occurring during school hours. Some children are even bringing guns and other assorted weapons, in order to protect themselves from dealers and other enemies. And as for the actual school system itself, poor. The population has grown tremendously however the schools themselves have not. The schools have become extremely overcrowed and continue to grow worse.

Most teachers dont want to teach in the schools due to the high rate of crime and other conditions of the schools, therefore the faculty has diminished slowly. The result of less teachers will mean less attention for the students when they need it most. Well then how is city life looking now? Living in the big city includes high exspensives, high crime, and horrible schooling for the children. Seems like alot of unnessacary living conditions to overcome. And definitely the last place a family with children should live.