Christopher Columbus Essay

In 1492, Christopher Columbus began a historic voyage to the New World. Columbus discovered a new continent and proved his theory that the earth was not flat. His discovery of this new land sparked interest in many large European countries to discover the New World. The new super power of Europe, England, decided to sail to the new continent. The English settled along the shores of the present day United States of America. Along the mainland, they found many people of different cultures that were already residing there.

The differing cultures of the Indians and later Africans, did not become intermingled with European culture. The Jamestown inhabitants, Puritans and Pilgrims established the New World without including different cultures, (Natives and Africans) agricultural techniques, modes of behavior, style of speech, dress and other aspects of the existing inhabitants. The Jamestown inhabitants had a major impact on what American society looks like today without including aspects of Native and African existence. When the inhabitants arrived in the New World, they brought along with them many epidemic diseases such as smallpox and malaria.

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According to Dobyn he estimated that within the first hundred years of contact with the Natives, about 95 percent of the natives died due to these European diseases. This did not allow the Natives enough time to assimilate their culture with European culture. From 1609 to the present, the dress attire of the Natives has been completely different from the Europeans and Americans. The Europeans laid the foundation of dress attire in the USA This shows how the Natives have not had an affect on the dress attire.

When the Europeans began to settle in Jamestown, they built permanent houses mostly constructed of wood. At that time, the Natives lived in tents made of animal skins. Europeans again laid the foundation of home design and technology. To the present day, houses are built in American society just like they were back in the 1600s but with modifications. Europeans also began to divide the land amongst each other and grew certain types of crops on the land. The Natives shared all their land with each other as one big farm. Natives were allowed to roam freely on their land.

This is another aspect of European culture where Natives had no affect on the land sharing system we have today in modern USA The Europeans established the model for the land holding system, which is used today but simply modified. The main crop harvested in Jamestown was tobacco. Harvesting tobacco was hard, grueling work. This is where slaves were introduced into the European culture. African and some Native slaves, were used to harvest the tobacco for the Europeans. Most slaves were illiterate and unable to write, so they could not have had any influence at all in European society.

This demonstrates how the Native culture has had no impact on industrial design, technology, agriculture and clothing styles in the New World and modern day USA In 1620, the Pilgrims landed in Plymouth, New England. Since the Reformation occurred in England, Pilgrims believed that the Church of England was so impure that the true believers should separate themselves completely from it. They established a colony in Plymouth, which is present day Massachusetts. The religion established by the Pilgrims was Christianity and to the present day, Christianity is the main religion of North America.

Since 1620, to the present day, the Natives have continued to practice their own religion. We know that the Natives had no influence on the religion over the last hundreds of years. The pilgrims set up the first type of majority government called the Mayflower Compact. This meant that only people who owned land had a say in the government and the running of the colony. This means any Natives and Africans had no say in decision making so they could not change or establish any rules to suit their culture or identity. When the pilgrims came over to the New World they established English as the official language.

To the present day, English is the language spoken in North America. In 1630, the Puritans landed in modern day Massachusetts. They planned to reform the Church of England from within. They believed strongly in religion and democracy. The Puritans established a democratic government where only free men could vote. Natives were not considered part of the colony or as free men so they had no influence on decision-making in any level of the government. This would not allow the Natives to assimilate their ideologies into the European culture.

This government is the basis for the Unites States government as it is today. The Natives have not had an impact on the American government and the way they run their government or the land holding system. By examining the three colonies, we see how Native and African culture has had no influence on the New World. The United States of America has not been intermingled by Native and African culture and society. The New World is European influenced with no outside cultures trying to assimilate their ideologies into the society.