China, owners, producers and all the members

China, a country which continues to become Canada’s second-largest trading partner but is also a risk to Canada because of its insecurities. Should Canada still keep trade relationships with China? The point of this essay is to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of trading with China. Some people say there are more pros when it comes to trading with China however others argue that trading with China is the biggest con of Canada. According to a survey, Canada poised to accept more trade investments as it is viewed by the Chinese companies that Canada is being one of the most open countries to their investment. There are certain things that are to be kept in mind when thinking of the trade such as Economic benefits – Even though China’s economy is slowing its purchasing power cannot be ignored., Improving the relationships between China and Canada- Strengthening the relationship can go beyond the ideas of only economic ties leading to a political connection, travel, and education but things like Intellectual Property Protection cannot be neglected as they are equally prominent;Canada does value the protection of its intellectual property owners, producers and all the members and China violates the Intellectual Property protection rights. To begin with, trading with a country like China does impact the economy positively as both economies are highly complementary. Canadians look at China as one of world’s most important economic players and they definitely want to see Canada having a significant relationship with China when it comes to trade and investment flows. This is not just a regional view; people across the country see benefits of strong economic ties. Perhaps what’s even more noticeable is that young Canadians are more enthusiastic and open to strengthen our economic ties with China by influencing policies and economic choices. Canada has first class education as well as it’s natural resources that are China’s desires and has the money to buy them.  China’s economic growth might be slow but it’s business power is rapidly increasing. It is also accelerating its outbound foreign investment, surpassing US$125 billion in 2016 and is still growing. Also, Chinese imports provide cheaper goods for Canadian consumers and affordable inputs for Canadian businesses and investors. Such a high import at a low rate from China has provided an absolute boost in Canadian households as it’s easy for them to buy stuff on such affordable prices, and a platform for Canadian businesses to boost their productivity faster. Moreover, when it comes to the ideas of free trade with China, the results prevail a high degree of openness which hasn’t been seen in decades. Canadians do have concerns about being competitive and being the best in Chinese companies, but they also recognize the potential of economic upshot is crucial too. Adding on to the advantages of trading with China is that it will strengthen the relationship between both countries and the relationship is not just limited to the economic ties, it can go beyond political connections, travel and education. One of the biggest things while talking about relationships is that Canada is highly regarded in China, largely because of Norman Bethune, a Canadian physician who turned his attention to the Red China’s fight with Japan and saved a lot of Chinese lives. Since then Canada had some type of relationship with China. The China- Canada relationship has stood up well during the economic crisis. To enhance the relationship with China the Trudeau government has publicly stated to engage with China more comprehensively and strategically. The government perhaps has a head start and appears to be making good on its promises. Under the Trudeau’s government relationship with China has become the top priority.