Caffeine Addiction Essay

In his book Caffeine Blues a famous researcher, health educator, and clinical nutritionist Stephen Cherniske compares remaining healthy and strong throughout life to a battle. “Caffeine is the Trojan horse. It looks like a gift but instead delivers adrenalin stress, low blood sugar, mood and energy swings, fatigue, depression, malnutrition, and disturbed sleep”. Although caffeine is considered a mild drug, the consequences of caffeine addiction are rather severe and include physical and mental health problems and can lead to other addictions.

No doubt, coffee is a stimulating drink, and its active chemical component caffeine immediately invigorates both body and mind. However, the later effects are quite the opposite. Coffee addicts face many physical health issues including headaches, heartburn, irregular heartbeat, and stomach problems, dark circles around the eyes, muscle aches, and sleep disturbance. The hormonal effect of caffeine on the body explains many of these health problems.

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When we consume a coffee or a soda product containing caffeine, our body gets a sudden rush of adrenaline. This hormone is released in response to stress, and it keeps us focused and alert, but not for long. Loss of energy and fatigue come later. Constant stress and tiredness weakens the body; consequently, it responds with disease and malfunction. The next major side effect of caffeine dependence is its psychological influence.

Besides physical discomfort and pain caffeine causes irritability, anxiety, difficulty in concentration, poor orientation, memory lapses, and even depression. Probably the greatest concern is that caffeine addiction comes along with the abuse of other substances such as sugar, nicotine, and tranquilizers. Sugar has a similar effect on the body, and it is often consumed with coffee. Smoking is also often associated with drinking coffee. Just remember Glen Glenn’s “cup of coffee and a cigarette”.

People who overuse coffee often need tranquilizers and sleeping pills in order to relax or sleep. All these dependences can cause serious health problems and even lead to death. Instead of reaching for a cup of coffee, a chocolate bar, or a can of soda, do your body a great favor and have a nutritious breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It will keep you energized throughout your day and will help you avoid all the negative effects of the caffeine. Stay caffeine-free or watch your caffeine to maintain healthy body and mind.