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bout our ClientOur client is a non-profit organization under the name of Bee the change. Their main purpose as an organization is to educate people about bee-keeping, ways to plant some Bee-friendly flowers and also collecting the honey from the bees without harming the population of the insects. The organization is very bees centric and are doing their best to have improved the environment and also peoples health. Their main purpose is to educate their members and volunteers with the courses that they do, but also to help other organizations and schools to develop more bee-friendly society.The client’s website is The design of the website in the moment it is nice and the tone that the user has from it is friendly, educational and interesting. Even so, there is a lot of work on the website to make sure that the user receives the right vibes from it and also to help the organisation to reach their goals and continue working and developing as an organization.As mention previously the main goals of the organization are providing educational workshops and courses in the name of the Earth. They strongly recommend natural beekeeping and are happy to help anyone to reach this goal. They also are offering to collect honeybee swarms for free which is another way to help the people, environment and the bees.Client ScopeDiscussing the client and its website we get to the conclusion that the client has kids and adults audience from both genders. The language is English and the tone that they are using is simple and personal. It is accessible and has mainly educational function. The people who are willing to learn more about bees or have bees are using the website to learn more things that are interesting to them or simply to get more information for the courses, events and workshops that the organization is doing.The Client needs a website that has easy and accessible social links(where they can post updated information about events, courses and workshops), ways to Donate some money to the organization and ways to update their email list. This is the way that the organization will be able to find new members or volunteers.ContentThe content of the client’s website should include their mission: who are they and what they do in their organization. What are their main goals and how they are willing to work to reach them? Another point that it is very important to be in the website are the results of their actions or impact and how the audience that they are trying to win on their side can help them retrieving their aims. They should have information about the members of the team, contact page and main information for and about bees and beekeeping. On our design, we decided to focus on these questions, because we think that they are relevant for the projects but most of all because answering these questions we will be able to meet the user’s expectations from the website and the organization itself. The questions areWhat is a bee?What do bees do?Where does honey come from?Why do people keep bees?Why are bees so important?Looking after bees?Interested in beekeeping?The understanding that the good design needs to meet the user’s expectations is a crucial point in developing the content. Not only the functionality but the information provided on the website it is the one thing that will keep the user on the page longer than the first 30 seconds. The information needs to be with a friendly tone, accessible, simple, to has a positive message and but most of all to be short. Or as Steve Krug says in his book ” Don’t make me think” second edition: If it is short, it is more likely to actually be used1.That’s why we as a team took the “design” decision to make a map page with beekeepers nearby. This is a map of Britain + Ireland with information where the bee sanctuaries are.