Blood source of which are humans and

is a non-replenishable entity, the only source of which are humans and it can
not be generated by manually. Timely availability of quality blood is a crucial
requirement for sustaining the healthcare emergency services. Therefore,
maintaining quality of blood and identification of Professional Donors is a
major responsibility of blood banks. NACO (National AIDS Control Organization)
and NABH (National Accreditation Board for hospitals and Healthcare Providers)
have provided guidelines for ensuring the quality of blood and identifying
Professional Donors. Moreover, manually monitoring standards and identifying
professional donors is a challenging job. In this work, we develop a standard
compliant Blood Bank Management System with a novel rule based enforcing
mechanism. The developed system is an end-to-end solution for not only managing
but implementing enforcing strategies and providing decision support to the
users. The proposed Blood Bank Management System It has been reduces the errors
in blood bank and extremely effective in streamlining the workflow of blood

MUMBAI: In the last five years, over 28 lakh units of blood and its
components were discarded by banks across India, exposing serious loopholes in
the nation’s blood banking system. If calculated in litres, the cumulative
wastage of 6 per cent translates to over 6 lakh litres a volume enough to fill
up 53 water tankers. India faces, on average, a shortfall of 3 million
units of blood annually. Lack of blood, plasma or platelets often leads to
maternal mortality as well as as deaths in cases of accidents involving severe
blood loss. In 2016-17 alone, over 6.57 lakh units of blood and its
products were discarded. due to lack of coordination between blood banks
and hospitals. In the same way “In 2016-17, there is a near 17 per cent
fall in wastage. Also, hospitals have to keep blood in emergency reserve to
deal with mass casualties,” the officer said. 

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