Benefits of Plastic Surgery Essay

In the past, changing a person’s physical appearance is just a dream for everyone; it would never be possible. However, with the fast technological developments all over the world, what used to be a common belief was defied and now surgeries are made available to everyone. Those who would want to fix something in their body would have little to no problem at all. Surgeries are often desired to make someone look and feel more beautiful but it can also be used for medical purposes.

Some people may say that it is best to be contented with what was bestowed upon you but it is also not wrong to rely on technology to improve what was given to you. There are a lot of advantages of plastic surgery but mainly this type of surgery is used to enhance beauty. Women are more likely to undergo plastic surgery but some males also undergo this medical procedure if they think they need to have some major changes in their body. Women tend to have problems with small parts of their face such as the eyes, nose and cheeks. Some also have the shape of their chins changed to create a softer look on their face.

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Males also go to cosmetic surgeons if they need to do enhancements with certain organs in their body such as their male reproductive organ or their penis. Penis enlargement surgery is not at all new for adults since a lot of men are now considering this as an option to enhance their masculinity faster and a lot surer. The most popular advocates of plastic surgery would have to be celebrities because in their field, their beauty is almost tantamount to their popularity. They have to look good in order to continue being looked up to as a celebrity.

Plus, the paparazzi are not exactly doing a good job of hiding pictures where they look totally bad. It is a form of preservation for them but normal people also have this desire to look good. Normal working people also deal with customers, clients and others so the need to look good would always be there. In fact, in most cases a good physical appearance is required in order to create a better impression to people they deal with. A few more benefits of plastic surgery involve having a much younger and healthier look. Some people have skin problems that make them look sick and old but surgery can correct that.

There are also those who have suffered from severe accidents that damaged parts of their body. With surgery, all of these damaged parts could be restored to its original appearance and could even be made to look better. What is even better about plastic surgery is that its advantages do not only refer to aesthetics. People with physical defects or those who are not satisfied with their looks tend to withdraw from society. Because they fear that people would laugh at them, they lose the confidence to interact with people and expand their horizons. This could also be traced from childhood experiences.

Child behavior is not as controlled as those of adults so mocking and hurtful teasing is common among children. If a child has some physical defect especially if it is on the face, teasing would always be there and his or her self-esteem could be damaged. By undergoing plastic surgery once she has become an adult, one would feel better about herself and she would no longer feel the need to curl up in one corner. Good looks can add so much more to a person and it’s not just physical. When one looks beautiful on the outside, it is normal for her to feel beautiful as well on the inside.

A few other benefits of cosmetic surgery involve drastic changes in the personality of the person who has undergone it. People who are not confident tend to be sulky and negative about things but their newly found beauty will surely change that. 90% of the time, those who have undergone cosmetic surgery acquired a more positive outlook in life and learned to appreciate even the smallest of things around them. Since they would have less personal problems, they would also get to look at their surroundings and see things that are wrong in it.

They could try to be more helpful towards others and become better people overall. It is pretty much obvious that cosmetic surgery is indeed beneficial to everyone. It is made accessible to all kinds of people so anyone who would want certain body parts to be changed would have the freedom to do so. They should just be careful in choosing surgeons because not every surgeon in the world is competent enough to give them the look that they like. There are also surgeons who have committed surgery malpractices and the effects are not exactly good to people.

Some effects could be permanent to choosing the right surgeon is really crucial. The best thing to do before the actual surgery is to research and ask recommendations from friends. They might know reliable surgeons that would only do your physical appearance good and not damage it further because of incompetence. You should also be ready with the money since this type of medical procedure is not covered by insurance. You would have to pay for it yourself or get a loan specifically for this purpose. There are dependable banks that would give you loans without that big of an interest.

Disadvantages of cosmetic surgery can only be counted in one finger and these are undoubtedly outnumbered by its numerous benefits. Natural beauty is indeed something to be proud of but it is never wrong to seek improvement especially with the aid of technology. You can learn more about the advantages of cosmetic surgery by reading books about it and having an in depth consultation with your doctor. You may have pre-existing medical conditions that could prevent you from having surgery so you have to make sure to learn about that first.