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Although great hardships still exists for minorities of all sorts, most will concur that their voices are more respected and responded to than in past generations, and this is clearly a sign of progress. Most importantly though, “Make America Great Again” connects with the patriotic, American dream-focused attitude and represents a fierce fight needed for progression. Trump presents a dire portrait of America that resonates with the majority of the working-class, by insisting that Americans have lost their money and their jobs. Trump champions the working white man as he plays on their ever-present insecurities and appeal to their sense of nostalgia. In fact, most of Trump’s adherents are working class whites who protest for their drudgery still does not bring them the promised American dream. It assumes that America has endured national regress where the majority of people’s regular lives are significantly less “great” than they once were. They wish to return to the Golden Age when the white worker was admired for being such; when women and people of color had not yet acquired upward social mobility. It is one thing to advocate the interests of the working class, but quite another implementing these promises. Surprisingly, Trump’s policies favor the American Elite and not necessarily the neediest. However, Trump appeals to his supporters through the vague language, “Make America Great Again” which is suggestible to suit each voter accordingly, without really unveiling Trump’s approach. Indeed, it is up to interpretation, as the definition of greatness varies according to each individual. What is genius about it is the fact that no one actually knew how Trump would revive this greatness but people still believed he would. It is an injunction to action without a defined object. In other words, style without content. It opens the door to virtually anything.Trump’s construction of reality and vision of the future unites himself and promises that together, we can restore America to its former glory. Trump appeals to his audience by representing himself as the embodiment of the will of the people. Indeed, he presents himself as the man of the people who will bring prosperity to all America.