According and has a big impact on

to Alonso (2012) in “Preface Section”, “Words make you think,
music makes you feel and a song makes you feel thoughts.”

are certain effects on emotional, sexual, and physical behavior of a person
when listening to a specific kind of music. Some experts says that “You
are what you hear”. Music preferences differs from person to person.
Possibly, it has a positive and negative effect to one’s personality and
behavior. Words, lyrics and language add something powerful to the songs we
listen to and has a big impact on what attitude we express and show.

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to Karl Koenig in “Jazz in Print”, most American Music are lacking
when it comes to strength, dynamics and power. As the result of that, instead
of using good language and words, they uses vicious, vulgar words and lyrics to
grab the attention of the listeners. The art of “vulgus”, in the
people is the material and an instrument for national expression. Vulgar
language, foul lyrics and dirty words even though despised and rejected by many
of today becomes the accepted of some generations because of its certain
uniqueness and popularity.

the uses of vulgar music has a negative effects on the listeners. Repeatedly listening
to such words and lyrics has a negative effects in teenagers and adolescents,
this may include early sex, violent behavior, and use of illegal drugs. Music
with vulgar messages presents a real threat to the emotional and physical
health of those who receive it.

 According to Patricia Fox (2015) in “Do
lyrics influence human being?”, Music is an effective way to communicate
to the people and lyrics played a massive role in delivering the message.

Some researchers says that greater exposure to rap
music, (specifically American) was associated with a wide variety of risky and
dangerous behavior such as sex, alcohol and drugs. It has been tested and was
demonstrated by American adolescents who listen to an American rap music and
was showed signs of risky behaviors.