A Person How Has Made a Difference: My Father Essay

My father helped me in two ways. He was an owner of a simple shop lived in a capital. He was a unique driving force behind my study story. At the early times of my education biography, I disliked the school, it was restricting me, and imposed me to waking up early every day, therefore, I was not Attend a most of my lessons, which made me think to left it. My father encouraged me to study by using the tempting methods, like gifts and money. Some times he was using the force, he threatened me by prison .

Then, my mother and people said he loses his time without benefit, but I finished my primary stage with a good mark. After that, my morale was boosted, and my confidence increased, preparation to the next stage. This saved my study life from loss. Then my father guided me to choose my goal, I did not have ambition, randomly thinking and not plan to future. He said to me before his death. “Decide which path you will behave, and don’t put stop to your wishing”. It was a last testament.

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According to my finally school’s mark, I joined to college of engineering, electricity department. This is not what I want, at this moment I remembered my father’s words. The time is coming to decide, I changed my interest to computer science. Despite he passed the life, but I still see him in my visions. Like he said ” don’t put stop to your wishing”, now I study a master degree in Malaysia, after finishing, I look forward to study PHD in Japan. In conclusion, my father was just a simple, uneducated, but he helped me greatly.