A Part of the Study on the Effects of Age Gap Essay

Generation gap: Your Generation is different from your parents’ generation? Any two generations have differences to a certain degree. Due to the effects of the advances in technology and globalization, the generation gap between parent and child is much broader in comparison with the gaps of earlier generation. The older generations were more concerned of priorities that were family oriented; however, the concerns of today are for the advancement of one’s career. The busy lives of parents today require most modern couples to have assistance to help manage their life at home.

At present, the strength of relationships within the family and extended families has proportionally been undermining. The generation today has greatly incorporated the western influence in all forms to which there is a strong conflict from the earlier generation. Due to this, Ideas, behaviors and views have changed drastically; for example, the youth today are more rebellious and are not scared to do things beyond the norms compared to the older generation, who were hesitant to change the social and cultural norms.

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Part Three Great Divides pp. 215-215 Youth-Adult Conflict Teenagers undergo a transition phase wherein they are no longer in the state of children nor are they adults and they amplify their clam to enjoy adult privileges. Conflicting pressures lead them to the peers from whom the adolescent learn from, new ideas, values and activities that may be opposing with their parents’ preferences. Certain issues burden teenagers with some of the worries of adulthood. The roles and responsibilities change for both the parent and child. Dependency is associated with childhood, but when it persists into young adulthood, expectations are violated and the relationships between the generations become confusing and uncertain. ” (Broom, Selznick, & Darroch, 1981) Generation Gap – Does it exist?? According to the article, Generation Gap – Does it exist?? , 2005 Generation Gap occurs when older and younger people don’t understand each other because of their difference in opinion, experience and nature.

The effects of the western culture have influenced the youth today in every trend which the older generations had been able to avoid. The younger generations give more time to their school work and academics. Asides from the attention given by students to their academics, parents pressure their children to do well that gives lesser time for interaction between parent and child. A study says the amount spent together has decreased by 75% over the last five decades.

Due to chatting online with friends and relatives, many today lose their skills to communicate personally and a lot of people are not able to express themselves properly. Parents of this time may or may not realize that the rude behavior they think children have, could have been caused by the difference in upbringing. We could relate this as to a child treating their parents like friends in modern day unlike during the past children felt a bit scared to interact with their parents.

Generation Gap – Does it exist?? concluded with statement that the gap out there is present and increasing. Why Can’t Parents like chill? The words functional and dysfunctional would not usually come up in discussions between child and parent. According to the author, parenting is the only thing in the world you don’t need a license for and nobody prepares these parents for the job they are to face. There is a need to treat the child with positive reinforcement.

There are certain ways to handle situations wherein the results with the child would remain the same but saved the parent from losing the temper and straining the voice. He also pointed out at the end that children today would forget how they should say things when they’re parents tomorrow. Commandments for Good Parenting Parents can relate better to their children. Relating better doesn’t only mean to know better but also to have better communication with their children. 10 rules were given in order to be better parents.

These rules are, to make the distinction that children are not pets, to distinguish life one thinks they’re living and the life they actually live, to not take things they do too personally, to resist reminding them, to accept that dirt and mess are a breeding ground for well being, to stay out of their rooms after puberty, to stay out of their friendship and love-life unless invited in, to not worry that they never listen but that they’re always watching, to learn from them, to love them long and let them go easy, respectively.

Making the Magic of Marriage Last. What makes the magic of marriage last and what makes a good marriage sour are two perennial questions that couples ask to ensure their future. There are also countless answers to these questions. According to Borlongan, there are only two guidelines to follow in order to keep the marriage bond intact and preserve and ideal family life. Parents should know their children’s friends and companions and to be contented with what on has. This is so that they may have a more stable relationship.

“Contentment in the midst of want is an intangible gift only the Lord can bestow. ” (Borlongan, pp. 2-23) Family Seedbed for the Virtues The family is the most natural and best channel of excellence. Education helps sustain this excellence which is even more enhanced by natural law. Education aims to develop wisdom, good citizens and professional competence, where the family lays the foundation. (Tamesis, pp. 102-104) Borlongan, F. (n. d. ). Catholic Digest Philippine Edition. Making the Magic of Marriage Last , pp. 22-23. Broom, L. , Selznick, P. , & Darroch, D. B. (1981). Youth-Adult Conflict. In Sociology (pp. 215-216). U. S. A. : Harper and Row Pub, Inc. Fernandez, S. (2006-2011).

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