A Cure For Cancer Accounting Essay

With the degree of instruction needed in order to obtain a grade from medical school, it seems about impossible for a adult male, without a college instruction, to develop the base program of a new signifier ofcancer treatment.John Kanziusdid non hold the experience of a physician, but he did hold the finding of a adult male combating through a deathly signifier ofleukemia. He had the thrust to utilize his clip left on Earth to try to detect a better manner to handle his disease — a disease that kills over half of a million people on norm per twelvemonth within the United States entirely. With this adult male ‘s bravery and creativeness, and scientists ‘ cognition and expertness, malignant neoplastic disease research is transforming, supplying a new and exciting mentality for the hereafter of malignant neoplastic disease patients.

Before one learns about the particulars of handling malignant neoplastic disease, one must foremost understand what malignant neoplastic disease is. “ Cancer is a term used for diseases in which unnatural cells divide without control and are able to occupy other tissues ” ( National Cancer Institute ) . A healthy homo organic structure has 1000s, even 1000000s of cells that die and are replaced every twenty-four hours. When one cell dies, another grows, taking its topographic point in an orderly manner, but sometimes cell division and growing malfunctions within the organic structure. This malfunction, of which cell division occurs quickly, is caused by a divergence in the Deoxyribonucleic acid, or deoxyribonucleic acid, the alleged “ design ” for cell division. The uncontrolled growing of mutated, cancerous cells frequently consequences in a mass of cells in one country, which is called a tumour ( MedlinePlus ) . Cancer begins within the cells of a system, and may distribute to other parts of the organic structure through the blood and lymph systems ; the spread of malignant neoplastic disease from one portion of the organic structure to another is called metastasis ( National Cancer Institute ) .

Since the find of cells in the nineteenth century, the cognition and information in respect to naming and handling malignant neoplastic disease has grown exponentially. Cancer is normally found by the patient, as it can be identified by a tumour, as was antecedently mentioned. The following measure in naming a tumour is to detect whether or non the tumour is benign or malignant. Malignant tumours are cancerous, whereas benign tumours are non. Urine, blood, and bodily fluids may be taken for lab testing, and frequently aid in the procedure of naming a patient with malignant neoplastic disease ( MayoClinic ) . A individual trial can non be used to name malignant neoplastic disease, but instead a series of trials, including a assortment of the undermentioned: complete blood count, a bone marrow aspiration and/or biopsy, a spinal pat or lumbar puncture, a lymphangiogram, an ultrasound, a biopsy of the tumour, bone scans, X raies, a computed imaging scan ( normally called a CT scan ) , an MRI ( magnetic resonance imagination ) , blood trials, and surgery. Following the diagnosing of malignant neoplastic disease, a assortment of intervention options are available to the patient, including surgery, optical maser therapy, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, endocrine therapy, and biological therapy ( Rush University Medical Center ) . Each of these interventions shows assuring consequences, yet the decease toll of malignant neoplastic disease victims within the United States remains over half of a million in 2009 entirely. Amongst all of these interventions, a new and promising discovery has late emerged within the field of medical specialty and malignant neoplastic disease research – a fresh wireless frequence wave malignant neoplastic disease intervention – thanks to John Kanzius.

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The followers is the narrative of John Kanzius as was described by John Kanzius on 60 Minutes, a plan on CBS intelligence. John Kanzius grew up in the universe of wirelesss, and before his retirement, he was a wireless and telecasting executive from Pennsylvania. At the age of 57 he was diagnosed with terminal leukaemia. Throughout his life Kanzius endured many unit of ammunitions of chemotherapy, which made him ill and insomniac, but it was non his ain status that influenced him most to seek for a new and better manner to handle malignant neoplastic disease, it was the immature kids that he had seen at the infirmaries who looked “ hopeless and broken. ” Since his young person, Kanzius had been involved with wirelesss, and knew the “ concealed power ” that they held ( The Kanzius Machine ) . One dark, awake and sick from yet another unit of ammunition of toxic chemotherapy, the thought of extinguishing malignant neoplastic disease cells by manner of wireless moving ridges came to Kanzius. He instantly set out to carry through his dreams and ideas that dark, with the usage of his married woman ‘s pans and his ain wirelesss.

Kanzius knew that wireless moving ridges could non ache human existences, but what he did cognize was that metal heats up when it is exposed to high-octane wireless moving ridges. He performed his first trial on a hot Canis familiaris ; he injected a specific country with Cu sulphate, and watched to see if merely the injected country would heat up, and merely that specific country. When his desired consequences were achieved, Kanzius decided to convey his thought to the following degree, and invest $ 200,000 into a more advanced version of his original machine that acted on the same rules. His chief end was to detect a manner to handle malignant neoplastic disease without any of the harmful and toxic side effects that come aboard chemotherapy and radiation – two of the most common and effectual ways of handling malignant neoplastic disease therefore far.

Today, his machine is in two major research research labs: the University of Pittsburgh and M.D. Anderson. Dr. Steven Curley, a specializer in malignant neoplastic disease research, began proving Kanzius ‘s thoughts and innovations following its add-on to the research installations. Next, another unbelievable thought was presented by Kanzius to Dr. Curley: the injection of something smaller than merely simple metal atoms, but instead nanoparticles made of metal or C, into the cancerous cells. Millions of the nanoparticles could suit within a individual cell, leting the injection to individual out specific countries, absolutely. In August of 2005, Kanzius and Curley tested their theory ; in merely 15 seconds, the nanoparticles were every bit hot as could be.

Dr. Curley continued research, and enormous sums of advancement were made utilizing the wireless moving ridge technique along with the injections of gold nanoparticles. He had successfully “ fried ” liver malignant neoplastic disease cells in lab rats with minimum side effects following the intervention. Dr. David Geller showed 60 Minutes how he injected a tumour of cancerous cells with the gold nanoparticles, and killed them with wireless moving ridges, rendering merely the cancerous cells damaged, while the environing tissue remained healthy and untasted.

The following challenge that stands in the manner of the possible remedy for malignant neoplastic disease is the fact that the nanoparticles can merely be injected straight into the cancerous cells, such as in a tumour, and non into the smaller undetectable malignant neoplastic disease cells that metastasize to other parts of the organic structure. Often, it is these cells that pose a menace to the patient, instead than merely the tumour ( The Kanzius Machine ) . Dr. Curley is trying to build molecules programmed to seek out and attach the nanoparticles to the cancerous cells that are metastasising to other organic structure systems. Therefore, the molecules could be injected straight into the blood stream, the molecules would shoot the nanoparticles into any cancerous cells, and so, the “ Kanzius Machine ” along with its high-octane wireless moving ridges would extinguish the malignant neoplastic disease cells, with no side effects.

During the clip that promotions were being made to his original thoughts, John Kanzius was trying to decelerate down his ain leukaemia. Without blessing from his physician, Kanzius made the determination that he would try to handle himself, following 36 unit of ammunitions of toxic chemotherapy. Kanzius knew that his physician would non O.K. the intervention, and that clinical tests and blessing of the FDA would take longer than Kanzius had to populate ( The Kanzius Machine ) . After his interventions, his blood word improved, and things seemed bright for the hereafter of both his wellness, and his innovation. A few months after, lymph nodes within his tummy swelled to an unnatural size. Kanzius so attempted the “ dual whammy ” as he called it ; a coincident intervention of both chemotherapy and his ain wireless moving ridge intervention. A hebdomad subsequently, Kanzius found himself in the Intensive Care Unit of the infirmary on the threshold of decease ; his organic structure had literally shut down. Fortunately, Kanzius recovered, and when he recovered, a CT scan revealed that his lymph nodes had in fact shrunk after the disposal of both interventions, but harmonizing to the overseeing physicians, “ non a important sum. ” Three months subsequently, on February 18th, 2009, John Kanzius passed off at the age of 64 from pneumonia, as a consequence of the chemotherapy intervention.

Since the decease of John Kanzius, Dr. Curley has continued the research, and it more enthusiastic about it than of all time, naming the undertaking, “ the most exciting thing that he has seen in 20 old ages of malignant neoplastic disease research ” ( The Kanzius Machine ) . The undertaking has been nationally recognized, and it progressively having more support. On December 16th, 2009, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services awarded the Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation in Erie $ 700,000 in support for the patterned advance of the undertaking. In add-on, Governor Edward Rendell contributed a Department of Community and Economic Development grant of $ 500,000 on the behalf of Pennsylvania in support of the undertaking ( Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation ) .

Without any background in scientific discipline, nor medical specialty, or even a college-degree, John Kanzius used his finding and desire to set up an astonishing thought, that shows enormous promise for the hereafter, with merely a few of his married woman ‘s pots and pans, his cognition of wirelesss, and a hot Canis familiaris. John Kanzius is genuinely an admirable figure, as his one thought grew and evolved with modern medical specialty, and is now supplying insight into a bright hereafter for both malignant neoplastic disease research and malignant neoplastic disease patients.