years ago, the NASA space shuttle Challenger exploded. The space shuttle was a
very noteworthy achievement to NASA. Due to it being the second space shuttle
to reach space, it was remarkable, meaningful, and significant. On January 28,
2018, the explosion caused the death of seven crewmembers. Moreover, amongst
them was a teacher from New Hampshire. This event is very significant as it
opened the eyes of many people, especially for NASA. As we all know, people learn
from their mistakes. In order to reduce the chances of another explosion in the
future, they tried to “learn” something from the disaster. A former NASA
astronaut states, “We could have prevented this from happening.”  They realized the changes they could make (or
could have made) in order to prevent an explosion, similar to the disaster of
the Challenger, from occurring again. This spread awareness over the importance
of safety and precaution; as a matter of fact, this new knowledge enabled them
to be more cautious and attentive in the future. Once again, the catastrophe became
a significant event in history; it indicated that safety is a crucial goal, which
should be emphasized heavily upon. The event developed upon the fact that it is
vital to be observant when it comes to the well-being and security of things
and people. As you can easily see, the space shuttle explosion is important as
it had a huge impact on the US Space program and for the nation as the tragedy
served as a lesson that they could learn and improve from.