30 Days on the Reservation Essay

The Navajo Indian population on reservation are extremely poverty stricken. Many people have know idea of what life is like on a native reserve. It is easy enough for us to say that the native are worthless to the society. With the stereo-types they have been given, drunks, lazy, and uneducated they continue to fight daily struggles to save what’s on the verge of nonexistence. There culture and traditions. Reserves are considered to be equivalent to third world nations.

The barriers and challenges they face with little or know resources have some or most rated the poorest in America. The Navajo Indian population have virtually been removed from society and forced to create their own communities. In the documentary 30 Days on the Reservation the host demonstrates a level of self awareness by educating his self through experiencing what life is like for them. By living with a family for 30 days he built rapport through his concerns and wanting to expose their quality of life.

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The host address acculturational level by participating in different ceremonies to better understand and connect with the Natives beliefs of nature, language-dine, and customs. In doing so hopefully it will inspire others as well. What I have learned from watching this documentary is, many people are left to bear the emotional scars of a generation lost. Despite their problems they feel there is a longing for their homeland. A place where they feel they belong and aren’t judge for who they are and what they belive. Yes, they are a special population.