16th of working experience with US based

16th January, 2018

To Whom It May

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I have a great pleasure in
writing this letter of recommendation for Ms.
Akshita Panyam who is keen to pursue her higher studies at your institution.
I know her for more than 2 and half years as a team member and mentor. During
this she has showed strong dedication and hard work as a team player. Her
ability to understand the basic key concepts and apply them to solve issues is commendable.
Akshita has a lot of patience and invests time in understanding any concept. I
am proud to say that she is handling a new project all by herself and also
training her team member.

As a Project lead at Tata
Consultancy services Ltd, I have around 8years of working experience with
US based Insurance client both from offshore and Onsite. As an onsite lead and
an offshore manager
I happened to work with multiple teams on various projects.  Akshita has consistently exceeded in all areas
of her work. Her understanding of the work at hand has to be highlighted. As
her mentor I had an opportunity to observe her participations and overall
progress. Her work efficiency on critical projects was applauded by Clients and
Project management.

What impressed me the most is
that there was a requirement in one of her projects to work on a new technology
i.e. IBM Incentive Compensation Management Reporting Tool, which she had
excelled in it, in a very short duration. She never takes work as an
obligation, rather takes it as a challenge and achieves it. After this, she
passionately learned another reporting tool i.e. SAP Business Objects in the
spare time.

She is very helpful and honest.
Her good communication skills helped us many a times in presenting our hard work
to the customers. She is also held in good esteem by all the people who dealt with her both directly
and indirectly. She delivers high performance of all the tasks she undertakes
with these qualities.

Akshita continues to impress me
with her knowledge, skills and dedication to her work. She is technically
excellent, and I am positive that the graduation in your University will help
her to create additional value to the IT industry. Please feel free to contact
me if you require any further information.



Sailaja Rayudu


Consultancy Service Ltd

[email protected]