1. campus and was charging a very

1. This month I learned the following concepts in staffing:
A. Training: Training is the process of learning the certain skills that you would need for a specific activity or job.
-It helps employees to their job successfully. -A short-term process.
B. Development: Development is the process/growth of making something gradually better.
-Long-term educational process. -General knowledge purpose. 
2. My experiences/observations which justify my concepts are:
A.  My experience/observations with training was in November 2017 when i became a certified lash technician. Since I’ve been wanting to enhance my career in the beauty business I came across an eyelash seminar class and automatically signed up for the class. The class was 5-6 hours long, but very informational it taught me how to apply the eyelashes, removal, safety guidelines and many branding ideas. At the very end of the class each individual was rewarded a certificate of completion and was officially a certified lash technician. 
B. My experience with Development was before I wanted to become a certified lash technician, I began doing just basic eyelash individuals and strips for women around campus and was charging a very small amount. I believe this gradually made my work better each time I practiced on a client, the process took about two years, but it was very much worth it. 
3. As a recruiter/decision-maker of an organization, i can use these concepts:
Whether I am a recruiter or a decision maker I can use these concepts to better my business in the near future. Not only does it make the business better but it also improves employee performances, consistency, and it enhances your companies reputation and profile. Almost any business in today’s society look for productivity, work quality, previous training and development. Your work quality and health/safety plays a major role with being a certified lash technician. Reason being, because it enhances your clienteles satisfaction and loyalty, and keeps your business running successfully. Poor quality of your eyelash work results in negative publicity and can damage your reputation tremendously. Health/Safety  is extremely important while doing eyelash extensions, since we use products and equipment that could harm both employees and clients. It is critical that business owners and even staff understand the safety and hygiene procedures and use them to the full extent.