1.0 product also increase within the student.


Looking at the High-level Educational Institution
nowadays is being very active with sport. Involvement of sport from different
category of student and different level of competition have make the
educational institution inseparable with sport in line with the rationale of
national sports policy that is to create a healthy society, a high tolerance attitude,
and give opportunities to integrate with different races through sport.

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With the increasing in
sport activities, the demand and need to have sport product also increase
within the student. By looking at different category of student who play sport,
it came out with different perception among them toward how they see sport
product. There will be a lot of factor that influence student purchasing intention
on sport product.


2.0       PROBLEM

The aim of marketing nowadays is to fulfill their
customer needs. Increasing in production of sport product has led to high
competition among sport Product Company. This situation will make the customer
to look at lot of criteria and perspective when buy sport product to come out
with most satisfy product that can fulfill their need.

(Pillai, Soni &
Naude, 2015) contends that in order to have a high level of customer
satisfaction, marketers must understand customers’ needs and wants. Marketing
mix is one of the strategy that have been widely used in order to determine
consumer buying intention. According to Yeesuntes & Buran (2017) the 4Ps of
marketing is a model for enhancing the components of your ‘marketing mix’ and
it is the way in which you take a new product or service to market. It helps
you to define your marketing options in terms of price, product, promotion, and
place so that your offering meets a specific customer need or demand. 

The issues of
purchasing sport goods always being influence by this 4 marketing mix element
which is product, price, place and promotion. The purchase intention of sport goods
always difference among student because they have different need and wants that
marketer need to identify them. Fulfill the needs of the customers by developing
a good sport product will help the company to capture the customer attentions.  Therefore, this study is design to identify
the main marketing mix element that influence purchasing intention of sport
goods among FSR students            DEFINITION OF TERM Marketing MixAccording to (Andreti, Zhafira,
Akmal, Kumar, 2013), the marketing
mix is a set of strategies and activities that cover product, price, promotion
and place. The marketing mix strategy will help you to identify the customer
need and wants in term of that 4p’s. Marketing mix element is the criteria
guideline that been use to determine a goods in term of product or service,
price, promotion and place. So, these 4p marketing mix elements will be the independent
variable that will influence student purchasing intention of sport goods.  Product
According to (Lucian, 2013), the centerpiece of a
marketing mix is the product. A product is anything that satisfies a need or
wish and is acquired to do so. However, the term product can also refer to services,
people, places, ideas and the benefits that a sport organization offers
consumers. The product can be differed into two group which is tangible and intangible
and in this research, only tangible product will be measure which is sport
goods. Operationally, in this study they are 4 items
used to measure product.    Price
In a simple word can be said as a currency that has value that is used in
transaction of valuable item. Price is which amount of money that needs to be
pay by consumer to get the product or service (Andreti,
Zhafira, Akmal, Kumar, 2013). In order to get something, they must be
exchange with something valuable which is money and the price determines the
value of the product. Operationally,
in this study they are 2 items used to measure price. Place
According to (Ampah, 2016) sporting place refers to
the location of the sport product, the point of origin for distributing the
product, the geographical location of the target markets as well as other channels
that are vital to consider regarding whether target audience may access the
product. Place or store is where people can get or buy the product and it must
be reachable because people may be lost interest toward the product if the
place cannot be reach. Operationally, in this study they are 4 items used to
measure place. PromotionAccording to (Yee & Sidek, 2008) promotion is a
marketing mix component which is a kind of communication with consumers.
Promotion includes the use of advertising, sales promotions, personal selling
and publicity. Promotion is an element that will increase the awareness of the
product and also to create interest among student to purchase the product.
Operationally, in this study they are 3 items used to measure promotion.Purchase IntentionAccording to Lim Phey Ling, Poon Khai Lang, Tee Cai
Fong & Thamil Selvan (2014), purchase intention defined as the possibility
and willingness of consumer to purchase a particular good or service in future.
So, it is the desire to buy something and this will be dependent variable that
will be influence by the marketing mix element. Operationally,
in this study they are 4 items used to measure purchasing intention.